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December Digest 2014

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December Digest 2014

The following digest covers the month of December 1st - December 31st 2014.

Team Changes

  • GmOcean has been awarded a Community Contributor title for continuous contribution throughout Hercules.


Development Highlights

  • Official offensive skill formulas of KG/OB (Commit)
  • Added RE Version of size_fix.txt (Commit)
  • Speeding up calc aspd process in renewal (Commit)
  • Save Sex in DB (Commit)
  • Channel Configs to Plugin Support (Commit)
  • item_data,mob_db,mob_data structs to plugin (Commit)
  • Updated KG/OB Spirit Charms to official behavior (Commit)
  • Song Aegis Behavior Update (Commit)
    • Now songs auto-refreshes every 3 seconds
    • Musical Lesson bonus rounded down for BA_ASSASSINCROSS
  • Move check is item usable or not to separate method (Commit)
    • New method: itemdb_is_item_usable
    • Can be used as: itemdb->is_item_usable(item)
  • Additional Script Commands & Functions:
    • Change per character gender function (Commit)
    • setnpcdistance N (Commit)
    • getnpcclass (Commit)
    • getnpcdir and setnpcdir functions (Commit)
    • Extend script command getareausers (Commit)
    • Add function what call OnUntouch event (Commit)
    • Add function what called if player leave npc area (Commit)
  • Renewal Updates (Commit):
    • Homunculus Official Statuses
    • Updated RE @mobinfo to show proper status data
    • Some official behaviors
  • Removal of certain commands: jump_zero, petheal, checkquest, setriding/checkriding, setmadogear/checkmadogear, setdragon/checkdragon


Scripting Highlights

  • Fixed an issue in the Doha's Secret Orders Quest (Commit)


Database Highlights

  • Splitting of mob sql database into mob_db and mob_db_re (Commit)


December Statistics

  • During the period there were 71 Commits.
  • Of these 71 commits, 10 included bug-fixes.
  • 17 Commits from Pull Requests
  • In this month, there were 3,328 Additions and 2,861 Deletions.


a>Happy New Years! a>

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