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November Digest 2014

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Hi everyone! I would just like to apologize for the wait on this digest... I was busy last week finishing up assignments and handing them in before our christmas break begins. So, here it is!


November Digest 2014

The following digest covers the month of November 1st - November 30th 2014.

Team Changes

  • None


Development Highlights

  • Introduction of 2014-10-22, Roulette, and Per-Char Gender!  (Commit) (Topic)
    • Roulette rewards can be defined in db/roulette_db.conf
    • As we understand the coins are points that you obtain by consuming an item, while such an item is not yet available (will be in a upcoming commit), you can set these values with @set command, they're TmpRouletteBronze,TmpRouletteSilver and TmpRouletteGold -- e.g. @set TmpRouletteBronze 5
    • Requires PACKETVER 20141022 or higher
    • Sex is now a character table field, which can be defined as 'M', 'F' or 'U'. 'U' being the default value, meaning undefined, which means the accounts gender takes precedence
    • (upcoming) a script command to change a characters gender
    • Requires PACKETVER 20141022 or higher
  • Missing 'type' field in itemdb now defaults to IT_ETC (Commit)
  • Added missing type check to skill_delunitgroup (Commit)
  • Re-issuing conflicted-out content on battle.c (see history/follow up) (Commit)
  • No cell stacking implemented (official version) (Commit)
  • Function for creating NPC (Commit)
  • Removal of certain commands: jump_zeropethealcheckquest
  • Various Additions / Fixes authored by 4144 (Andrei Karas). Here are some:
    • Allow use all char server interfaces from plugins (Commit)
    • Added missing interface methods initialization in char.c (Commit)
    • Added ability to add deprecated commands from scripts and plugins (Commit)
    • Add function for parse or report about unknown object in parsing script file (Commit)


Scripting Highlights

  • Fixed Typo in breeder.txt (Commit)


Database Highlights


November Statistics

  • During the period there were 141 Commits.
  • Of these 141 commits, 6 included bug-fixes.
  • 17 Commits from Pull Requests 
  • In this month, there were 31,717 Additions and 12,154 Deletions.

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