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04/12/2013 kRO Maintenance

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 Inspection Time

- Main Servers: 01:30 to 05:30 (Spain time GMT +1)
- Sakray Server: 01:30 to 10:30 (Spain time GMT +1)
Mains Servers:
- Support Package II item stops selling.
-> [2013 RWC Scroll] item event is also ended.
- Fixed an error in chat rooms when a NPC is the maker of that specific chat room.
- Changed special ability of poisoning users by monster's Enchant Deadly Potion skill on the Faceworm Nest instance.
- If you moved while dragging items with a shop open, you'd cause an error. This will be fixed.
- (CCODE) character code added.
-> If you enable this system you'll be protected against suplantation fraud since it offers a unique additional protection for each player present in-game.
Sakray Server:
- Found another underground floor in Somatology Laboratory.
-> "Sepulchre of The Victims", all details will be revealed at a later date.
ANNEX (part II)
New map (with the _n suffix, which may mean nightmare mode).
Just for if it was already difficult...
Map mobs are 3rd jobs... Their names are the same, but they have v_ as a prefix
(v for victim). v_cecil,v_eremes, etcetera
Translator notes: 
The translation may be inaccurate at some points but I tried my best.
Dates are in European format: day/month/year;
Times are in Spanish time zone (GMT+1).
Remember that [!] marked lines mean stronger possibility of inaccurate translation because I couldn't figure out an exact meaning for that. Also, text inside square brackets at the end of a sentences are just polite guesses I make from the patch.
I might make some mistakes retranslating and I'm sorry for these, but this is just a quick translation (better than GTranslate) just to make you aware of the changes on kRO!
Big thanks to Ziu for the time and skills it takes to translate kRO patches from Korean to Spanish!

Thanks to jaBote for giving his time up once again to translate this.

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