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April & May Digest 2015

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April & May Digest 2015

The following digest covers the month of April 1st - April 30th 2015 and May 1st - May 31st 2015.


May Digest
Team Changes

  • @Ind has been moved from Administrator to Former Administrator.


Development Highlights

  • Corrected homun. def. growing too much (Commit)
  • Corrected distance check on homun. skills (Commit)
  • Added bonus4 bAddEff to items (Commit)
  • Added log10() functions for usage in scripts (Commit)
  • Added PACKETS for 2015-05-13a (Thanks Yommy!) (Commit)
  • Replaced checkre() calls with constants (Commit)
  • Removed deprecated command: isday()checkre()
  • Added support for RENEWAL constants in scripts (Commit)
  • Fix typo when setting JoinAnnounce for channels (Commit)
  • Update of script_commands.txt (Commit)
  • Added sanity into LDFLAGS (Commit)
  • Split -fsanitize into multiple steps (Commit)


Database Highlights

  • WoE, Ur, Sapha, Nab, Rogue Treasure's Combo (Commit


May Statistics

  • During the period there were 97 Commits.
  • Of these 97 commits, 10 included bug-fixes.
  • 13 Commits from Pull Requests
  • In this month, there were 2,581 Additions and 1,536 Deletions.


April Digest
Team Changes
  • None


Development Highlights

  • Allow for plugins to read custom fields: jobdb1 (Commit)
  • Added several source checks:
    • char.c (Commit)
    • init_auction.c (Commit)
    • int_elements.c (Commit)
    • int_guild.c (Commit)
    • and more: int_homoun.c, int_mail.c, int_mercenary.c, int_party.c, int_pet.c, int_quest.c, int_storage.c, inter.c, loginif.c, pincode.c, account_sql.c, ipban_sql.c, login.c, loginlog_sql.c


Scripting Highlights

  • Update bio 4 MvP hunt quest (Commit)
  • Added Kagero / Oboro Quest (Commit)
  • Fixed  Wolchev Labora tory (Commit)


Database Highlights

  • Updated some items to official data (Commit)
  • Added gears and updated scripts (Commit)
  • Added new costumes (Commit)
  • Added new headgears (Commit)
  • Fixed swapped weapon in eden_quest (Commit)
  • Added new Cards (Commit)
  • Updated: More Glast Heim items (Commit)
  • Added new items and updated scripts (Commit)


April Statistics

  • During the period there were 61 Commits.
  • Of these 61 commits, 16 included bug-fixes.
  • 17 Commits from Pull Requests
  • In this month, there were 19,385 Additions and 10,467 Deletions.

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