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Why is (was) Ragnarok Online so much Fun?

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"Why was Ragnarok Online so much Fun?" | "Why is Ragnarok Online so much Fun?"


As I was browsing the internet, I came across this article “Why was Ragnarok online so Fun?” written by Ramona Smith. From my point of view, and for many of you, it should state: "Why is Ragnarok Online so much Fun?" 'cause many of us still play it. It's written in a point of view that many fans of Ragnarok Online would like. Not to mention, it takes a point of Pre-renewal instead of Renewal. Ramona has done a superb job in explaining the x-factors built into Ragnarok Online. This article was also shared by Kim Hakkyu. The article is a pretty lengthy read (21 pages) but it is definitely worth every minute of it especially if you’re a fan of Ragnarok Online.


View the article here: or on our main page:


Now, it is your turn to tell us what do you miss most from Ragnarok Online or why is Ragnarok Online still your favourite? Let us know in the comments!

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