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Talk to us via DISCORD =

Max level: 99/70
Base rate: 100x
Job rate: 100x
Item / equips rate: 50x
Normal Card: 10%
MvP Card: 1%
Max ASPD: 190
Instant Cast: 150 Dex
Host Location: Wide Servers
Party level share gap: 20
Guild Capacity: 76

Server Features

         Pre-renewal mechanics.
        Account security feature.
        Account setting feature.
        Hourly automated events.
        Quest Shop.
        Aki Cash shop and more
        Gender Change.
        Economy controller
        Guild Storage.
        Organized Vending & Chatbox Area.
        Many hair styles,hair colors & clothes colors to choose from
        Controlled & Organized vending, chatting space.

Available NPCs

        Warper ( All towns + Fields + Dungeons except MVP Maps)
        Healer + Buff ( Agi & Blessings ) 
        Job Changer
        Build Resetter
        Rental Services
        Platinum Skills
        Tool Dealer
        Kafra Employee
        Battleground Recruiter
        PVP Warper with latest dota sounds and announcements
        Aki Coin Shop
        Aki Cash shop
        Quest Shop
        Basic Weapon Store
        Donation Redeemer
        More latest costumes
        BG Shop

Available Commands
@commands, @noks, @mobinfo, @whodrops, @time, @refresh, @request, @noask, @autoloot, @leave, @autoloot, @whodrops, @alootid, @go


Lots of NPC are already added now, more events , nore Quest npc pvp and woe events every week ends


the server is going up now come join us !!!!!!!!!!!

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