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June 10th 2015 - Maintenance

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Common Patch:

- When the character rune knight (woman) applying color changes (dye) and unmount your ferus the new dye disappear and will be corrected.
- In the instance [Fenrir & Sarah] a the sarah monster doesn't affect you the skill[sense] and it will be corrected.

Mains Servers:

- In costumes tab, disappear the button as mount/unmount munition, unequip cart o unmount (pecopeco, ferus, etc).
- Hunter skill corrected: When using the skill [Blast Mine] within an area of WoE TE and failed to place it, continued to display on screen MISS and it will be corrected.
- Fixed a bug with the event Support Package V in the web descripcion.

Sakray server:

- Navigation system update with all the information Episode 16.1 adapted to the reorganization of prontera.


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