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Hey everyone,


So I noticed a lot of you had questions (PMing me here in the forums and Discord) about becoming a Verified User. If you read our Verified User document --> it outlines steps to become a verified user; though it is outdated and doesn't make sense, hence, it will be getting a spruce up.


Verified users are able to upload PAID content (i.e. content they've created) to our downloads section; including scripts as well. If you have no intention of selling content, you don't need to be a verified user. 


Since I am changing up the processing of becoming a verified user, there is a ball-park figure of that is expected of users who want to be verified:

  • A verified phone number
  • A confirmed email address 
  • A bio
    • This bio should mention content you've created, a little bit about your hobby / what you like to do (i.e. graphics, scripting, formulas, etc.)
  • A profile photo
  • A header photo


Additional Information

When you are submitting an application (I'll be creating an application page shortly for future forum positions as well) you will be asked a question, "Why should we verify your account?" or something along the lines. Also, there will be an activity check on your account in terms of activity throughout the forums, how long have you been a member, etc.


You can see a list of our Verified Members already -->[11]=1

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