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June 24th 2015 - Maintenance

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Common Patch:

- Updated chinese zodiac event.
(Items related with chinese zodiac event will be removed and you can't continue it, Please make sure to complete before the beginning of maintenance.)
- The description of the skills [Flame Launcher], [Frost Weapon], [Lightning Loader] and [Seismic Weapon] are modified.
-> Before modification: The target weapon is destroyed if it fails.
-> After modification: The target weapon is stripped if it fails.
- When a skill that makes multiple hits and the damage is less than 1, it is modified to in one fell swoop attack.

Mains Servers:

- In battlefield maps, HP bar of your fellow party in the party window isn't updated and will be corrected.

Sakray Server:

- Infinity dungeon instance is renewed.
-> The time of reentry it is reducing.
-> Now you give the possibility to choose the difficulty (Normal/Hard).
-> 4 new armor are added.
-> It will improve the efficiency of enchantments.
** More info in the website update section.
- Sura modified skill: [Flash Combo] is active and lose the target, in area 3*3 can change target and continue with the skill.
- Rebellion fix skill: When using the skill [Slug Shot] and just one slug bullet occurred a phenomenon where that bullet isn't consumed during the use of skill and will be corrected.
- Item [Spoon] now becomes indestructible, except when it refines.



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