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June 7th 2017 - Maintenance

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Server Patches
- The sale of the triple count package XI begins. 
 → Period: June 07, 2017 Periodic inspection - June 21 Periodical inspection - 
 > Contents: General scroll event progresses. 
- Cash items "Universal Catalog Gold" will be discontinued. 
 → The sale ends after 6/7 periodic inspection. You can use the items you have already purchased. 
- The booth fee system is updated. 
 → Fee: 0 ~ 10,000,000 Zeny = No fee 
       10,000,001 Zeny ~ = 5% coverage 
- Navigation will be renewed with new functions . 
 → Change the overall UI design 
 → Share / Change the guidance icon / Auto minimize function 
 → Change the search classification method to make the search result screen more neat 
- Memorial Dungeon [Conscious Room] changes some contents. 
 → If all the players inside the dungeon are unable to battle, the state of the monster "Bijou" is initialized and the 
   player is changed to move to the starting point. 
- Some of the skills used by some monsters are changed. 
 ① Halushionism 
  → 50% magic ignoring effect is not applied to the phenomenon. 
  → The target of the skill effect is "Extra Extra" Will not be affected by the effects of. 
  → The effect that the attack mark is displayed when mouse over the afterimage of the skill effect is corrected. 
   (Applicable Monster: Stephan Jack Ernest Wolf) 
 ② Ignition Brake 
  → The effect of this skill will not be displayed if there is no player within the attack range. 
   (Applicable Monster: Immortal Cursed Knight, Siren Windsor, Rune Knight Siren) 
 ③ Cloud Kill 
  → The effect that a monster has with a monster also gets fixed. 
   (Applied Monsters: Immortal Wind Ghost, Sorcerer Celia, and Celia Alde)
- June 2 (Fri) The compensation for non-connection status is applied. (14:03 added)
  → This server experience value & drop rate 30% increase event is going on.
    Period: June 07, 2017 After regular inspection ~ June 14 Before regular inspection
  → Temporary check reward NPC (Lavelle) is summoned.
    Period: June 07, 2017 Apply for ~ 24 hours after regular inspection
  → 1 reward item will be paid. (June 21, 2017 periodic inspection, collective deletion)
    Period: June 07, 2017 After regular inspection ~ June 21 Before regular inspection
    Contents: 1 delicious lollipop (7 days available), 2 premium pencils available
- The stall part time employment system is updated. 
 → Quest for stall hire hire hire is added. 
 → The existing catalog Madonna is transferred to the Alberta merchant guild 
     and sells a new item "Special Catalog Silver" items.
- Promotion event to celebrate the update of the stall part-time part-time work. (14:03 added)
 → Period: June 07, 2017 After regular inspection ~ June 14 Before regular inspection
 → Contents: During the promotional event celebrating the update of the stall part-time part-time job,
      I am unconditionally paying for a 12-hour "sales stall worker (beginner) employment certificate".
 ※ Precautions
  - In the case of a "sales stall employee part-time job (early) employment certificate" paid at a promotional event,
   The rental period will be applied.
  - The promotional event applies to all characters above level one.

  - The cooldown of "Sales Steward Part-time Part-time Employment Certificate" is applied at 04:00.

Sakray Server Patches
- Monster "Stephen Jack Ernest Wolf" will change some settings. 
 → Adjusts the cooldown of the Harnessing skill used by Staple Jack Ernest Wolf to 5 seconds -> 500 seconds. 
 → Stefan Jack Ernest Wolf is changed to use one of the unconditional halucation skills at the first encounter. 
- Fixed the phenomenon that the body and head part of the gear is partially deviated from the mounting window of myopic occupation group.


Full Maintenance - Patch Notes

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