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Hello Everyone!

The staff and I have been having some discussions on the current application guidelines for developers. Today we're announcing some different changes and additions to our application guidelines for developers.

Previously we had it state:

be aware we wont accept only half a dozen lines of pull requests (if the bug you fixed required only a one/two-line edit, fix two or more bugs)


We are crossing that out. Even if your bug fix pull request is one or two lines, we'll still accept it (as long as it doesn't indirectly break anything else of course...)!


We are now have it listed as:


If you'd like to apply for a Development position

You should know we require all dev applicants to submit pull requests prior to their application, we'll reject any applications from users with no approved pull requests. This is our way to be aware of your abilities, you can, for example, go through our bug tracker and Git Issue Tracker, find any not-yet fixed bugs, and fix them yourself. With that, send us a pull request (a pull request is when you fork our github project, commit changes to your fork and request your changes to be merged back into Hercules). Be aware that when you are fixing bugs, you must reference the bug you are fixing to either our forum Bug Tracker or our Git Issue Tracker. 



Along with the changes to our developer position, we are adding a new position for our FluxCP!


If you'd like to apply for a Development position in our FluxCP

The process for applying as a developer for our FluxCP is similar as above. You'll be required to fix any bugs found in the FluxCP and/or make / add improvements (this could be addons, etc.) to the repo. You still will need to pull request to the repository so we can overlook the code.



We are currently accepting staff applications for Developer positions (i.e. Core, Script, and Flux). If you think you have what it takes to apply for these positions, you can apply by going to our navi -> + Others -> Staff Applications or by...


clicking here





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