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June 14th 2017 - Maintenance

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Common Patch
- Memorial Dungeon [Ceremonial Room] Entrance Waiting for Entry Quests 'Nileem is not almighty 
 ' will be changed to receive the quest 'Unrequited Hope' at the same point as before. 
- Kachua probability increase event will proceed. 
 → Period: June 14, 2017 Periodic 
inspection - June 21 Periodical inspection before - The exchange article of Kachua NPC changes some. 
 [Kachua] The wing of the fallen angel, [Kachua] The wing scroll of the fallen angel, [Kachua] Adventurer backpack 
      [Kachua] Lachma, [Kachua] Tiger king doll hat 
 → Addition: [Kachua] Heart wing hair band, [Kachua] New wave sunglasses
Server Patch
- Promotion event to celebrate the stall part-time part-time update ends.
- This server experience & drop rate 30% increase event will end.


Full Maintenance - Patch Notes

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