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July 1st 2015 - Maintenance

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Common Patch:

- Commands /on and /off are added for disable the effect /quake.
- The required level is changed in the description of some items
-> Sigrun's Wings[1], Robo Eye[1], Opera Phantom Mask[1].
- The required level in the description of some items are added.
-> Angel Of Ghost[1], Blinker[1], Machoman's Glasses[1], Geek Glasses[1], Mr. Smile[1], Alarm Mask[1].

Mains Servers:

- Unlimited Box III sales event started.
-> Period: 7/01/2015 until 7/15/2015
-> Add extra bonus item [Happy Balloons Scroll] in each box.
- Exchange of card event started.
-> Period: 7/01/2015 until 7/08/2015
- Infinity dungeon instance is renewed.
-> The time of reentry it is reducing.
-> Now you give the possibility to choose the difficulty (Normal/Hard).
-> 4 new armor are added.
-> It will improve the efficiency of enchantments.
- Hack shield will change by gameguard in the game security.

Sakray Server:


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