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June 28th 2017 - Maintenance

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Common Patch Contents 
- July 12th The update event is updated. 
 (June 12th event will be canceled due to the deletion of the event item at the time of regular inspection, so 
  please proceed before the regular inspection begins.) 
- Fixed the phenomenon that some phrases in UI setting UI are out of UI. 
- Under some conditions, the memory of Orc's memorial dungeon can not proceed to correct the phenomenon. 
- Memory of Orc The progress of the memorial dungeon is partly changed. 
 → The speed at which the fake Orc Hero is blossoming is lowered. 
 → Fake Orc Hero's strength of 1 ~ 7 steps will be lower than the previous figures.

Sakray Patch Contents 
- Fixed the phenomenon that some specified Ryu skill of Kwangseong series did not apply to baby booty character. 


Full Maintenance - Patch Notes

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