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June 5th 2017 - Maintenance

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- Fixed a problem where no slot was applied to the item "Stunning Feather Hat". 
- Temporary check reward NPC is applied. 
  → Location: Inside Paradise, please talk to [NPC]. 
  → Effect: 1. 5% increase in experience (The buff is applied for 30 minutes and can be re-used.) 
      2. HP recovery 100%, SP recovery 100% 
      3. Initialization to enable some memorial dungeons (1 once available) 
        → initialize target dungeons: sealed temple, foggy forest maze, Endless Tower, Bor Cebu laboratory in 
                 memory of the oak, of Enid Hog's nest, burr corner Wars lake, memories disappear, nest pace worm 
                 cursed inspection of drinking Top, Horror Toy Dungeon, Island of Bios 
                 Caves of Morse, Old Glastheim (Senior), Old Glastheim
                 Buwares cave, non-fair attack, Penryn and Sarah, last room
                 Central laboratory, Daytime Band 
  → Contents: The NPC will appear 24 hours after the reward is done, and will 
      disappear automatically when the time is over .



Full Maintenance - Patch Notes

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