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July 12th 2017 - Maintenance

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Common Patch
- Kachua probability increase event will proceed. 
 → Period: July 12, 2017 After periodic inspection ~ July 19 Before regular inspection 
- July Some contents of noodle festival are revised. 
 → Monster "Nya Ilro" is added. 
   (Original: 1 / Change: 5) 
 → The drop method of item "Pork Potato" is changed. 
   (Existing: 1 drop / change: 5 pieces divided drop) 
- Item "Candy bag (magic) 9 refinement of the options that were wrongly applied to the phenomenon is fixed.
Server Patch
- TIPBOX system is added. 
 → Command / TIP, Tip box button on the menu. 
- Some of the Toramu's skill movement will be changed.
Sakray Server Patch
- Guild window notice title, content filtering is added to the bad word registration. 
- The effect that "Storm Garst" used by monsters ignores the skill "Land Protector" is fixed. 
- Achievement Challenge Fixed some errors in the system. 
- Camera view of monastery monastery is alleviated.


Full Maintenance - Patch Notes

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