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July 18th 2017 - Maintenance

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■ We have implemented the "Sorcerer" second costume.

Target occupation
Guillotine Cross 
Royal Guard 
Arc Bishop 
Shadow Chaser 
* Including adopted character

■ In the "Labyrinth of Dreams ~ Geffen Underground Great Cavity ~" event, I did the following work.

The survey strengthening week has ended.
With the end of the survey reinforcement week, we deleted the quest related to "regeneration / re-entrance time limit" that is currently given to the character.

■ I added a set effect to the following items and changed the explanation text.

Target item
Arnoldi Card 
Anubis Card 
Oak Warrior Card 
Carlitz Barg Card Card 
Sky Petite Card 
Tara Frog Card 
Big Foot Card 
Bare Doll Card 
Penomena Card 
Rafflesia Card

■ Of the quests that are deleting with the NPC "Aid", we deleted event related quests until 2015.

■ We modified some wordings of NPC "Tsuna".

■ Updates · Events Notice NPC "Shinko Public Relations" changed the words.

 We do not correspond to second cost except the following occupations. Please pay attention when opening "Costume Change Ticket Box".

Full Maintenance - Patch Notes

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