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Officially supported client versions

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Officially supported client versions and changes to support policies on client-related bugs
Here at rAthena we try our best to provide a stable server to build around. Unfortunately we've had a rash of commits in the past few months that have introduced client bugs that hadn't existed before. This is unacceptable and we apologize for any downtime or issues this may have caused. There has also been a large number of bug reports involving unusual client versions, resulting in significantly wasted time and effort on our behalf trying to track down bugs that may or may not actually exist. So as such we have as a team decided to tighten down the list of officially supported clients for rAthena. These clients will be tested against on any major update or commit that affects any packet or client-facing code to make sure new bugs are not introduced. Other client versions will be supported on an as-is basis. 
Basically, you are free to use any client version you wish, but for stability reasons we highly recommend sticking to the officially sanctioned list as those will be the ones we test against. If an update breaks support for a client that isn't on the approved list then it may be taken care of at a lower priority than bugs affecting officially approved versions. This does not mean we will intentionally be breaking support for clients that are not officially sanctioned, this merely means support will be tailored to those first and foremost, and any bugs or bad behaviors may go unnoticed or corrected. If there any conflicting changes that would break support on one of the officially sanctioned versions, those bugs will definitely not be fixed.
What does this mean to you, the server admin? It means you can pick from one of our officially supported client versions and rest assured we will tailor support specifically to those and will aim for stability for those clients. We will do everything we can to make sure client bugs are not introduced during updates so you don't have to waste your time troubleshooting, or have to deal with angry players if something breaks. And in the unlikely event something does break, we will put the highest priority on fixing bugs affecting the officially supported clients.
Here are the following clients and which server mode we support them for.
Renewal 2012:
Renewal 2013:
Renewal 2014:


Renewal 2015:

We are not supporting 2012 era Ragexe clients, only RagexeRE. Use those at your own peril. Bug reports for any other client will only be accepted at a core developer's discretion, if at all. We reserve the right to close and ignore any bug reports coming from clients other than the ones listed above.
Clients older than 2010-07-30aRagexeRE are considered depreciated and while they work for the time being, support may be removed at any time. It is highly recommended you move your servers to 2010-07-30aRagexeRE or newer as soon as possible. An announcement will be made if support for clients older than 2010-07-30aRagexeRE is intentionally removed, but be warned it may break at any time and bug reports will not be accepted for fixing them.

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