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October 18th 2017 - Maintenance

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Common Patches
- Some of the texts related to "Illusions of the Old Archery" will be corrected. 
- Shaman's skill "leap" is changed to be unavailable in SE siege area. 
- The former conditions of the Taekwon boy / girl are modified. 
 → Existing: Basic Skill 9 
 → Change: Nobis Occupation Level 10 
- Sunny Kim of FANTASIMGORICA Fixed the location of the NPC on the quest guide window. 
- Malangdo 'Heidam Fellows' will change the list of costumes that will be exchanged by Nyan Dharae. 
 → New List (4 kinds): Puppet sitting in costume, costume Prayer Shrine hat 
            costume Pope hat (clothes), costume Pope ribbon 
 → deletion list (2 kinds): Costume Pork nose, costume Circle of Valkyrie 
 → New costume equipment Can be changed to item "Costume Enchant Stone Box 13". 
  ※ "Pope sitting in costume" is only available for two weeks. 
- A list of costume enchantments of NPC [Averdothish] of Malangdo is added. 
 → List: Costume Sitting Pope, Costume Frayer Shrine's Hat, Costume Pope Hat (Costume), Costume Pope's Ribbon 
- Skill of the Skill "Dojo" in the log is more clearly modified. 
 → Existing: This skill is not a skill that invested actual points,
      You can not use special effects such as items that bring up learned levels. 
 → Change: This is not a skill that you invested in real points, so 
      you can not use special effects such as items that bring you the level you learned , and skill sets. 
- Fixed an error in the world map of the representation of the penny dungeon. 
 → gef_dun03 The contents of the dungeon are deleted. 
 → The proper level of the dungeon is modified. (Existing: 120 ~ 130 / Change: 110 ~ 130) 
- Improved the display of the probability that the probability is not displayed on the "Refinish" button of the Refinement UI.
Server Patches
- Kachua probability increase event is ended. 
- The sale of the New Giant Graco package will be terminated.
Sakray Patches
- "First aid kit (5)" will be issued to pay for the first connection after character creation. 
- Achievement "The reward of Valhalla!" "Special Gift Box" will be changed to "Adventurer's Box (1)". 
 → The components of the existing "Special Gift Box" are included in the "Adventurer's Support Box (1)". 
 → You can not re-pay if you received a payment before the task goal compensation. 
- Achievement: "The beginning of another adventure!" Is added. 
 → "Beginning of another adventure!" As a compensation of "Beginners support box (100)" will be paid. 
 → If the assignment goal (achieving level 100) is achieved before the update, the assignment will not be completed. 
- 27 new equipment will be added. 
- NPC "Beginner's Weapon" who is in charge of novice weapons service is added to Prontera.


Full Maintenance - Patch Notes

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    • By Mystery
      kRO has announced a new Ragnarok.... Ragnarok Zero. What is Ragnarok Zero? Basically put, Ragnarok Zero is going to be a new beginning... back to when it wasn't Renewal! With this in mind, they want you to remember the olden day memories we all have bundled in our heads. They are also doing a lot of new UI changes and adding tons of new content... of course keeping everything Trans-based and no Third Jobs.  We all remember those days of playing RO before renewal... and well, kRO wants to make sure we keep them and relive them through Ragnarok Zero.
      Here are some infographics that I translated to give us more of a sense of what's in store for us. 

      What are you thoughts? I really love that new navigation interface along with the character creation... and glad they are putting the random options enchantments in this mode.
      Here is their opening animation for Ragnarok Zero:
      PS: You'll see the Doram Race as well.
      Correction: The navigation UI isn't -new-. It may have just been slightly modified a tad (according to the translation). 
      Topic Updated: November 29th 2017
      kRO has released more information about Ragnarok Zero. Here is a low down:
      Ragnarok Online ZERO will be using a pre-renewal status system. They believe having a random item options for equipment will make it beneficial to farm equipment (as oppose to the way it use to be). There will be an increase in armor resistance by 3x compared to previously. Experience based on level difference and Drop Penalty have been adjusted. Global cooldown of the skills have been limited to a maximum of 0.3 seconds.
      Change to the Quest Structure:
      Levelling up and farming in the new system makes it easier to progress through various quests.
      1) Quest rewards
      This system that has been added provides a certain amount of quest rewarded experience towards a certain overall experience gained. As a result, if you continue you complete various quests, you can obtain a ton of equipment easily and you can also find various items such as consumables.

      2) Tips Box Reorganization:
      Normally, the Tipbox offers a variety of information. There are tons of quests throughout Midgard and this tipbox will provide you a vast amount of information pertaining to various quests you can do throughout Midgard. You will be able to search for information.

      3) Change the UI Structure and the structure of Quests
      A lot of information and the UI of the Quest system has been changed. Everything has been adjusted so that it's easier to navigate through quests by selecting on options. Doing so will open up the navigation window. 

      Billing System
      This part doesn't really pertain much to private servers... but overall: 
      Ragnarok Online: ZERO offers partial subscription services like Ragnarok Online. 
      This is to allow more Ragnarok users to enjoy the game. 
      In addition, Ragnarok Online: ZERO will sell the monthly premium service and character premium service, which 
      will change the billing system by introducing a new product called "gelstar".   > Premium Service Products Ragnarok Online: ZERO offers a wide range of premium services.   1) Account Premium Service: Account Package The monthly premium service is a service that increases experience, drop rate, death penalty, and warehouse capacity. 
      This service applies to all characters in your account at the time of purchase.   2) Character Premium Service: Essential Package The Essential Package is a character premium service that adds convenience to the progress of the game. 
      This product has a 20% increase in experience and drop rate, and it also provides a limited number of 10 [Dew Water of the World] with some functions of Gelstar every day. (Please be aware that the dew of the world number will be redeemed every time you receive the remainder of the world.) 
      Through the dew of the world number, you can conveniently use the world map transfer service or receive special buffs.   3) Character Premium Service: Hunting Package The hunting package is a character that can receive 50% experience and 100% increase in drop rate twice daily for 1 hour each day. Premium package. 
      Ragnarok Online: At ZERO, you can sell or combine the effects of an existing combat manual or bubble gum as a separate item. This is a very attractive premium item for users who want to nurture quickly.   4) About PC room premium service We will inform you about PC room premium service. Ragnarok Online: ZERO no longer offers 
      experience points and drop rates, death penalty effects, and proverbial buffs on PC room premium services . 
      The main effect is transferred to "Essential Package", and only "PC room mileage" is served in PC room. 
      "PC room mileage" through the special toolbox coupon and costume helmet replacement coupon can be used to exchange.  
      Fiver Field:
      In Ragnarok Zero, they are introducing a new field titled "Fiver Field". This field will contain stronger monsters compared to normal monsters. Killing these strong monsters will provide you a chance to obtain powerful equipment / items (better random options).   
      Item Farming Structure:
      1) Random Option: Ragnarok Zero provides players with random option for dropped equipment. It is more vast which allows items to be more specialized towards short range, ranged, and magical weapons. There are also options such as HP/SP absorption, fixed casting reduction, and some options that are exempt from all in-game equipment.  2) Specialized Equipment Upgrade: Players will now be able to get occupational specialized gear when completing Memorial Dungeons. These gears can be upgraded based on your level. 3) Advanced Equipment Combination: You will be able to collection various items / materials throughout Midgard to help you upgrade certain equipment. These items collected must be given to an NPC to upgrade your gear. The material needed is Mithril.  4) The Flame: Torre, the ruler of Ore Beside every refiner NPC, Torre, the ruler of Ore, will also be there. He is able to exchange ores you find into other various ores. He will also be able to refine Mithril Ores you find into Mithril Gemstones.   
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