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euRO: Kagerou / Oboro

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If you guys don’t follow much RO stuff, no worries. I’m here to try and keep people updated! euRO has finally made an update to add Kagerou and Oboro as classes to their lineup.


About Kagerou / Oboro

Kagerou and Oboro

If you guys don’t know much about these classes, they are the 2nd expanded classes of the Ninja class. Here’s their story:

Kagerou and Oboro clans were once known as the Right and Left hand of the Feudal Lord in Amatsu. They displayed fearsome prowess, completing every task swiftly with precision. Perhaps due to Kagerou and Oboro’s outstanding abilities, they were banished from Amatsu by the Feudal Lord who have grown fearful of them. Betrayed by the Feudal Lord, it is said that Kagerou and Oboro have hidden themselves in the shadows of history.

Decades have passed since then.

A new group of clan calling themselves the “Ninja Clan” have appeared in Amatsu, who have steadily gained power over the years. It is rumored that the Jounins of the clan will teach experienced Ninjas, who pass the secret test, the ways of Kagerou and Oboro.



From euRO

Heres what they mentioned in their post:

Long ago in a forgotten past, two families fought each other in an unforgiven and endless battle.
But something unexpected happened who led to the creation of a new family, who kept the realm safe.

Centuries have pasted, and the last member of this family is now ready to welcome recruits.
If you prove yourself worthy, you’ll now have the chance to become one them and it’ll be your turn to protect everyone.

Do your best, Ninja, and rise again as a Kagerou or Oboro!

Start your quest as a full grown Ninja and go into the Ninja Guild, something will happen on your way there.
You will also have the possibility to craft new equips for your Kagerou/Oboro in the Guild!
Finally you can add a slot in a Special Ninja Suit in the Ninja Shop.

Have fun!

Keep in mind that there are Private Ragnarok Online servers that have Kagerou and Oboro classes available.


Also, on our Ragnarok Simulator, you may find the classes already set: Kagerou / Oboro !

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