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July 8th 2015 - Maintenance

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- Mains Servers:

- Support service for jonda NPC are added.Please refer to note updates for more details.
- The dungeon instance [Infinite Space] boss monsters will be adjusted, balancing the use of their skills.
- Sura modified skill: [Flash Combo] is active and lose the target, in area 3*3 can change target and continue with the skill.
- Rebellion fix skill: When using the skill [Slug Shot] and just one slug bullet occurred a phenomenon where that bullet is not consumed during the use of skill and will be corrected.
- Exchange card event ended.

Sakray Server:

- Item link system are added. (It's postponed to another date)
-> SHITF + left mouse button allow you to share a link with all the information item from your inventory, cart or kafra storage, who you want.
- Warlock skill modified: [Statis] only affect players on maps where PK mode is activated.
- High Wizard skill fixed: Fixed the phenomenon that applies the skill [Soul Drain] a player.


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