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July 15th 2015 - Maintenance

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Common Patch:

- New items in the list of system [Open Buying Store] are added.
-> List: Shining Holy Water (Consumable), Prontera Medal, Prison Key, Prontera Time Crystal, Dehumidifiers, Sandpaper, Red Eyes, Cold Core, Silicone Shell, Hedgehog Picks, Old Belt, Moving Dark Matter, Fragments Valkyrie Power, Will Master, Large Scrap Metal, Old Petrol Can, Broken Magic Stone.

Mains Servers:

- Actinia Cat Fruit(200) Box sales event started.
-> Period: 7/15/2015 until 7/29/2015
-> Details: When you buy this item, you will get as a reward to 100% [Summer Package].
(For more information go to page event from June 15).
- 4 new costumes that can be obtained in the exchange system were added.
-> Items are added: Costume: Face Crusher, Costume: Hill Wind Mask, Costume: Analyze Eye, Costume: Flying Galapago.
-> Items are removed: Costume: White Cat Hood, Costume: Bell Of Piegon, Costume: Deviruchi Balloon.
-> The new Item [Costume: Flying Galapago] can only be obtained for 2 weeks.
(Period: 7/15/2015 until 7/29/2015)
- Can exchange new costumes to get [Costume Enchantment Stone Box 8].
(This box brings new stones with new effects, for more information go to the web of events).
- Update the list of enchantable costumes under NPC of malangdo [¾Æº£¸£ µå µµ½¬].
-> List: Costume: Face Crusher, Costume: Hill Wind Mask, Costume: Analyze Eye, Costume: Flying Galapago, Costume: Happy Balloons.
- In malangdo new headgears were added to the list of change in costume.
-> List: Happy Balloons.
- Unlimited Box IV sales event ended.
- Warlock skill modified: [Statis] only affect players on maps where PK mode is activated.
- High Wizard skill fixed: Fixed the phenomenon that applies the skill [Soul Drain] a player.

Sakray Server:

- Correct an error which does not apply the options weapon size penalty when join [Infinity Shadow Set] and weapon [Lacma] (not available since 2010)
- A full renovation of the user interface challenger achievement system are added.


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