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July 29th 2015 - Maintenance

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Common Patch:

- 13th anniversary event started.
-> Period: 7/29/2015 until 8/26/2015
-> For more information go to page event
- Updated chinese zodiac event.
(Items related with chinese zodiac event will be removed and you can't continue it, Please make sure to complete it before the beginning of maintenance.)

Mains Servers:

- Fixed a bug with the HP bar where some characters's did not display correctly in certain battlefield maps.
- A full renovation of the challenger achievement system user interface is added.
- Actinia Cat Fruit(200) Box sales event ended.
- One costume which could be obtained in the exchange system was deleted.
- List: [Costume: Flying Galapago]

Sakray Server:

- Fixed some status icons which overlapped when displayed on screen.
- All resistance items [Potions resistance elements] timers were not renewed when re-used and already being affected by any of them.
- When using the skill [Enchant Deadly Poison] the icon wasn't displayed on the screen when you were hiding.
- Fixed some status icons that could possibly duplicate [Fear, Howling of Mandragora].



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