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August 5th 2015 - Maintenance

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All Servers: 2:30 to 7:30 (Spanish time GMT +2 ) Daylight Saving

Mains Servers: 

- Some content in the event of the 13th anniversary will be adjusted. 
-> For how many coins prontera pulling down the mob event on the field south of the city increases. 
-> In the city of comfortable, watermelon farmer makes aparezan more quantity and over a wider area. 
- The event of increased experience and starts falling objects. 
-> Period: 05/08/2015 to 19/08/2015 day maintenance. 
-> For more information go to the web page on the event's 13th anniversary. 
- The sale of Smelting Ore Box XI starts. 
-> Period: 08/05/2014 to 19/08/2015 day maintenance. 
-> While the event of Article [Piamette Scroll] starts. 
- At the end new status icons are added. 
-> Consumables: Enrich Celermine Juice, Throwing Ceromain Soup, ¿??? Upgrade Staff, HP Increase Potion (Small) HP Increase Potion (Medium) HP Increase Potion (Large), SP Increase Potion (Small) SP Increase Potion (Medium), SP Increase Potion (Large), Concentrated White Potion (Z), Vitata500, Throwing Vitata500. 
-> Skills: Arch Bishop (Expiatio), Rune Knight (Rhydo, Crush Strike), Royal Guard (Exceed Break), Warlock (Statis), Genetic (Mandragora Howling), Rune Knight (Dragon Howling), Sura (Lion Howling) Mechanic (Magnetic Field), Warlock (White Imprison), Sura (Cursed Circle), Sorcerer (Extreme Vacuum). 
-> Altered States: Stun, Frozen, Stone, Poison, Sleep, Blind, Silence, Curse, Confusion, Undead, Burning, Freezing, Fear, Bleeding. 
-> The basic property that gives the gun. 
-> A resistance elements.

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