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August 12th 2015 - Maintenance

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Main Servers:

- Monster cards of Nightmare Pyramid Dungeon have been added.
- Their RO-Shop Service (Jonda Service) has been updated.
-> Extra bonus [Bubble Gum Effect] and [Job Battle Manual Effect] will be received at the same time.
-> Service restarts at 04:00 (21:00 Spanish hour GMT + 2). (delay time).
- The event of increased probability of refining under enchanted ores starts.
-> Period: 8/12/2015 until 8/26/2015.
- (Limited) Token Of Siegfried Box(50), (Limited)Gym Membership Card Box(10) sales event started.
-> Period: 8/12/2015 until 8/26/2015.
- Some parts of the item image [Piamette Ribbon] are changed.

Sakray Server:

- UI of the guild system is renewed.
- Guillotine cross fix skill: When you are using Poisonous Weapon with [Pyrexia] An error occurred where skills [Cure], [Gentle Touch-Cure], items [Elixir] and [Royal Jelly] cured the blind status of the poison and will be corrected.



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