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August 26th 2015 - Maintenance

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■ Common patches 

- 12 events are updated gnome. 
(God of the earth for July 12 event this progress can not do anymore due to regular inspection during the event to delete the item, 
Please proceed before starting regular checks.)
■ The server patches. 

- 13th Anniversary event will be terminated. 
→ 13 Anniversary event will be terminated. 
(As the event ended, the event-related items will be deleted.) 
(Delete list: 13 anniversary coin, Dropbox watermelon, waste residue) 
→ (limited) gym membership sales is the end of the 10 boxes. 
→ (limited) sales will mark the end of Zeke Freedman of 50 boxes. 
- The summer promotion will end. 
→ The event will end PC room double miles. 
→ smelting event is terminated. 
→ (Limited) highly concentrated / high-density ore smelting off event will be terminated. 
- Quest skill of a merchant family "cart Change 2" is updated. 
- Malang is 'Hey Fellows Dame' is replaced with a list of clothing that Nyan of Actinidia are also added. 
→ New List (4 species): Cupid's wings, costumes, hair ppichim gift boxes, gift boxes Straight Pony
Rouge Wave Twin Tail Gift Box 
※ new list (4 species) man is capable of acquiring two weeks. 
→ Costumes equipment can be replaced with a new item "costumes enchant stone box 8". 
- List of costume Enchant NPC [De HABERE doswi] of Malang is also added. 
→ List: Costumes ppichim head (Color Stars 8 species), costume Straight Pony (Color Stars 8 species), costume Rouge Wave Twin (Color Stars 8 species) 
- Guild UI will be renewed. 
→ interconnector will be changed so that guild members are sorted first. 
→ The name change to be aligned in position and so on. 
→ "1: 1 to dialogue", "Email" menu will be added. 
→ View menu will be deleted. 
- Changes in the field below the wharf to allow store. 

// Morokeu 
moc_ruins / Desert Cities morokeu 
moc_fild03 / sogeu Eilat desert 
moc_fild13 / sogeu Eilat desert 
moc_fild16 / sogeu Eilat desert 
moc_fild17 / sogeu Eilat desert 
moc_fild19 / sogeu Eilat desert 

// Geffen 
gef_fild03 / Geffen Field 
gef_fild05 / Gypsy village 
gef_fild06 / Geffen Field 
gef_fild08 / Geffen Field 
gef_fild09 / Geffen Field 
gef_fild10 / Oak Village 
gef_fild11 / Geffen Field
// Peyiyon 
pay_fild07 / peyiyon woods 
pay_fild10 / peyiyon woods
/ Commodore 

cmd_fild01 / Commodore wave Pucci car forest 
cmd_fild02 / Commodore Kokomo Beach 
cmd_fild03 / swamp Komodo jinayi 
cmd_fild04 / Commodore Kokomo Beach 
cmd_fild06 / mountain fortress city of Zadar west only 
cmd_fild08 / mountain fortress city of Zadar, only the eastern region
// Grave reunil 
mjolnir_02 / grave reunil mountains north 
mjolnir_03 / grave reunil mountains north 
mjolnir_04 / grave reunil mountains north 
mjolnir_05 / grave reunil mountains north 
mjolnir_07 / South Region Mountains grave reunil 
mjolnir_08 / South Region Mountains grave reunil 
mjolnir_10 / South Region Mountains grave reunil 
mjolnir_11 / South Region Mountains grave reunil 
mjolnir_12 / reunil grave Mountains foothills north
// Rise Lourdes 
izlu2dun / Bahia is the island
// Glass buttons 
glast_01 / Article rest heim
// Juno 
villa yuno_fild02 / Kiel High LE 
yuno_fild03 / El scalpel to play 
yuno_fild04 / El scalpel to play 

// Alberta 
alb2trea / chimmolseon island near
// Frontera 
prt_fild10 / Frontera Field 
prt_fild11 / Frontera Field
■ Sak Patches

- Item links related errors will be corrected. 
- In the Shadow Chaser skill "Chaos Panic" is impossible PVP area will change so as not to affect the player.

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