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September 2nd 2015 - kRO Maintenance

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Common Patch:

- Some parts of the quest skill [Change View Cart 2] will moderate.
-> [Angel Ring Cart] reduces the amount hunting.
-> Once you start a quest of new cart it can not be abandoned.
- An error in the interface clan ordered not connected users with certain letters of the names and will be corrected properly.

Mains Servers:

- Corrected Shadow Chaser skill: When the skill is used [Chaos Panic] in pvp maps could not be recastear in another area of the map until it was affected to a user and will be corrected.

Sakray Server:

- Corrected some errors in the system to link items.
- Sura modified ability: When you use the skill [Flash Combo] and failure is modified to not cutting your attack.

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