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September 9th 2015 - Maintenance

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Common Patch:

- Item Event [Wood] Rebuilding Morroc will be removed in the next maintenance.
- Merchant Skill modified: variables that increase damage in the formula of [Cart Revolution] skill are modified.

Mains Servers:

- Three Master Package VII sales event started.
-> Period: 9/09/2015 until 9/23/2015.
- Sura skill modified: When using the skill [Flash Combo] and failure, now not cut you attack.
- Some headgears of [exchange system] under item [Actinidia Fruit Cat] no longer will be obtained.
-> List: Costume: Cupid Pink Wings, Ahoge Hair Gift Box, Ponytails Gift Box, Loose Wave Pigtails Gift Box.

Sakray Server:

- After to the creation of new characters the beginning of the game is reorganized.
- It is reorganized again all paradise group.
-> All quest lower levels 100 will be changed. (Except the quest for paradise equipment.)
-> Item [Paradise Group Mark] decreases their delay a 20 minutes.
-> Any user who has already completed all the quest of equipment paradise group can get equipment improved.
- It will reorganize and to shorten the halls of the creature academy floor 2.
- In academy creature when you go to hunt(taming) novice poring the NPC poring will be disappear.
- Item link system ,some items fix error.


- Due to an error, temporarily eliminates bonus of items [Thief Shadow Earring] and [Archer Shadow Erraring].






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