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October 1st 2015 - Maintenance

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Common Patch:

- Updated chinese zodiac event.
(Items related with chinese zodiac event will be removed and you can't continue it, Please make sure to complete before the beginning of maintenance.)
- A phenomenon where the effect of a skill doesn't disappear in certain conditions are corrected.
- Exchange of card event started.
-> Period: 10/01/2015 until 10/07/2015
- Exp and drop rate increase in 30% event ended.

Sakray Server:

- Wipe server.
- A new race of [Doram] is added.
-> The race Doram, begins its journey will be a Summoner tribe.
-> Summoners can summon spirits of [physical Attack], [Magic Attack], The are hybrid class that can use [secondary skills].
-> If you select the race [Doram] you will start your adventure in the city of lasagna [Far-Star] continent.
-> A new continent [Far-Star] are added, where the new race doram is located with new monsters, new dungeons, you're ready for exciting new adventure.
For more information, a guide will be added when the main server is updated.
- When you create a new character, you can choose the [race] and [gender].

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