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October & November Digest 2015

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October & November Digest 2015

The following digest covers the month of October 1st - October 31st 2015 and November 1st - November 30th 2015.


October Digest
Team Changes

  • [*]
Aeromesi has joined the team as a [font="helvetica, arial, sans-serif;"]Support Leader[/font].
[*]Frost has joined the team as a [font="helvetica, arial, sans-serif;"]Script Developer[/font].


Development Highlights

  • [*]
Add support for mob_db in conf format
[*]Add Mob_db converter from txt to conf
[*]Convert mob_db to new format
[*]Add new config to allow player vend/chat room nearby hidden npc
[*]Updated libconfig to GNU Bison 2.5
[*]Fixed message ID to a lower value
[*]Error message when talking to a pre-defined channel


Database Highlights

  • [*]
Converted all the commented out mob_db/mob_db22 entries to the new format
[*]Update the Status Icons based in kRO Update 10-21-2015
[*]Missing Teleport Skill in RMSC2012 Headgears


Script Highlights

  • [*]
Added Items needed in eden_iro.txt


October Statistics

  • [*]During the period there were
56 Commits.
[*]Of these 56 commits, 1 included bug-fixes.
[*]15 Commits from Pull Requests.


November Digest
Team Changes

  • [*]None


Development Highlights

  • [*]
Fixes missing new RC_ constants in some bonuses
[*]Split the source path reference retain mechanism out of npc_parsename
[*]Updated items trade restriction
[*]Fixed a crash in some skills' multi-hit code
[*]Renamed hQueue/hQueueIterator/hQueueOpt to latest standards
[*]Refactored the script queue system
[*]Fix @QMapChangeTo$ not usable when HQO_OnMapChange triggered
[*]Fixed too-generic constant names of gettime() types
[*]Fix npc initialisation in first map (m == 0)
[*]Add option for fix hit after warp
[*]Moved class and dir initializers to npc_create_npc
[*]Added subtype initializer to npc_create_npc
[*]Split frequently repeated code to add/register new NPCs
[*]Split npc_duplicate_sub into separate functions
[*]Fixed a compilation error when the memory manager is disabled
[*]Split the duplication logic away from the parsing logic in NPC duplicates


Scripting Highlights

  • [*]
Fixes Chance of Comodo Gambling
[*]Converted some dealers to new trader format


Database Highlights

  • [*]
Update new NPC ID's
[*]SC Update (Added 'Eden Crystal Synthesis' statuses and added 'Geffen Magic Tournament' statuses)
[*]Several item Updates

  • [*]
Part 1

  • [*]Update Geffen Scrolls to its official behavior and effect.
    [*]Added Official item effect of Mental Potion.
    [*]Fixed Chinese Pestel item effect.
    [*]Fixed Vitata500 not giving 5% sp.
    [*]Added 'Costume: Time Accessory'.
Part 2

  • [*]Update the item 'Acaraje' to its official effect. (Ref:
[*]Fix 'Vitata500' not giving additional % in sp. (Thanks to Haru) (Ref:
[*]Fix Ljosalfar and Mermaid Bubbles disappear its effect when died / dispell and etc.
[/list][*]Part 3

  • [*]Update Flame Stone, Ice Stone, Wind Stone, and Shadow Orb selling price base on kRO.
    [*]Update 'Mother_Heart' item effect. (Ref:
[*]Update 'Fools_Day_Box' and 'Fools_Day_Box2' based on Aegis.
[*]Update some item scripts based on Aegis.
[*]Changed some ItemID into Constants, Partial commit of my ItemID to Constant assignment.
[*]Added New items and its effect and trade restrictions:
• Mercenary_Casting_ (ID# 12807) (Ref:
• Mother_Love_Box (ID# 12808) (Ref:
• Level_Up_Box (ID# 12809) (Ref:
• Zherlthsh_Tck_Box_ (ID# 12819) (Ref:
[/list][*]Part 4

  • [*]Change the effect of 'Devil Morocc Card' from MaxHP to MaxSP (Ref:
[*]Change the behavior of 'Fools Day Box' and 'Fools Day Box2'. (Thanks to Haru and Emistry)
[*]Added the combo effect script of 'White Knightage Card' and 'Khalitzburg Knightage Card'. (Ref:
[*]Fix 'Birdcage Of Paradise' where the skill bonus is not working in Ranger Job and seperate its combo effect.
- Added 54 New Cards up to the latest kRO Sakray Update (November 18, 2015)
• Infinite Toad Card (ID#4642) (Ref:
• Infinite Vagabond Card (ID#4643) (Ref:
• Infinite Vocal Card (ID#4644) (Ref:
• Infinite Eclipse Card (ID#4645) (Ref:
• Infinite Chimera Card (ID#4646) (Ref:
• Infinite Osiris Card (ID#4647) (Ref:
• Infinite Eddga Card (ID#4648) (Ref:
• Infinite Phreeoni Card (ID#4649) (Ref:
• [WIP] Infinite Infinite Orc Hero Card (ID#4650) (Ref:
• Infinite Tao Gunka Card (ID#4651) (Ref:
• Nightmare Amon Ra Card (ID#4652) (Ref:
• Nightmare Arclouse Card (ID#4653) (Ref:
• Nightmare Mimic Card (ID#4654) (Ref:
• Nightmare Minorous Card (ID#4655) (Ref:
• [WIP] Nightmare Mummy Card (ID#4656) (Ref:
• [WIP] Nightmare Ancient Mummy Card (ID#4657) (Ref:
• Nightmare Verit Card (ID#4658) (Ref:
• Eggring Card (ID#4659) (Ref:
• Scout Basilisk Card (ID#4660) (Ref:
• Charge Basilisk Card (ID#4661) (Ref:
• Big Eggring Card (ID#4662) (Ref:
• Leaf Lunatic Card (ID#4663) (Ref:
• Grass Fabre Card (ID#4664) (Ref:
• Wild Honet Card (ID#4665) (Ref:
• Sweet Roda Frog Card (ID#4666) (Ref:
• Hunter Wolf Card (ID#4667) (Ref:
• Trance Spore Card (ID#4668) (Ref:
• Jungle Mandragora Card (ID#4669) (Ref:
• Fruit Pom Spider Card (ID#4670) (Ref:
• Sorcerer Celia Card (ID#4671) (Ref:
• Sura Chen Card (ID#4672) (Ref:
• Minstrel Alphoccio Card (ID#4673) (Ref:
• Guillotine Cross Eremes Card (ID#4674) (Ref:
• Arch Bishop Magaleta Card (ID#4675) (Ref:
• Ranger Cecil Card (ID#4676) (Ref:
• Mechanic Howard Card (ID#4677) (Ref:
• Warlock Kathryne Card (ID#4678) (Ref:
• Rune Knight Seyren Card (ID#4679) (Ref:
• Royal Guard Randel Card (ID#4680) (Ref:
• Genetic Flamel Card (ID#4681) (Ref:
• Shadow Chaser Gertie Card (ID#4682) (Ref:
• Wanderer Trentini Card (ID#4683) (Ref:
• True Eremes Guile Card (ID#4684) (Ref:
• True Margaretha Sorin Card (ID#4685) (Ref:
• True Kathryne Keyron Card (ID#4686) (Ref:
• True Cecil Damon Card (ID#4687) (Ref:
• True Howard Alt-Eisen Card (ID#4688) (Ref:
• True Seyren Windsor Card (ID#4689) (Ref:
• True Randel Lawrence Card (ID#4690) (Ref:
• True Flamel Emure Card (ID#4691) (Ref:
• True Celia Alde Card (ID#4692) (Ref:
• True Chen Liu Card (ID#4693) (Ref:
• True Gertie Card (ID#4694) (Ref:
• True Trentini Card (ID#4695) (Ref:
• True Alphoccio Card (ID#4696) (Ref:
[/list][*]Part 5

  • [*]Fix 'Light Concentration Potion', 'Light Awakening Potion' and 'Light Berserk Potion' not giving additional ASPD when used. Thanks to Emistry. (Ref:
[*]Change the 'Fools Day Box' and 'Fools Day Box2' variable from .@i to .@temp.
[*]Added 9 New Items and its trade restriction based on itemmoveinfov5.txt of kRO.
• Infinite Concentration Potion (ID#12884) (Ref:
• Infinite Awakening Potion (ID#12885) (Ref:
• Infinite Berserk Potion (ID#12886) (Ref:
• Infinite Fly Wing (ID:12887) (Ref:
• Infinite Concentration Potion Box (ID#17226) (Ref:
• Infinite Awakening Potion Box (ID#17227) (Ref:
• Infinite Berserk Potion Box (ID#17228) (Ref:
• Infinite Fly Wing Box (ID:17229) (Ref:
• Infinite Fly Wing Box 3Days (ID:17251) (Ref:
[/list][*]Part 6

  • [*]Fixes, where the SC_TARGET_BLOOD is not working properly. Thanks to kyeme.
[*]Adjust some whitespaces.
[/list][*]Part 7

  • [*]Fixes where Item 'Halohalo' will not stack together w/ other Status Foods.
[*]Change the Status Food Behavior based on Aegis: (NOTE: ID# 12202, 12203, 12204, 12205, 12206, 12207 and 12247)
[*]Removed when the player dies.
[*]Update its HP/SP percentheal based on Aegis script.
- Follow up e511dcf#commitcomment-14500629. Thanks to AnnieRuru.
- Follow up d9ad1cc#commitcomment-14502822. Thanks also to AnnieRuru.
- Change the sequence of our current Trade Restriction based on kRO's itemmoveinfov5.txt
[/list][*]Part 8

  • [*]Implemented the Geffen Scrolls and Mental Potion official effects. Thanks to Kyeme. (Ref:
[/list][*]Part 9

  • [*]Fixed 'Black Thing' not decreasing Stats and Movement Speed.
    [*]Fixed 'Enriched White Potion Z' no HP regeneration.
Part 10

  • [*]Fix some item behavior that should not stack w/ other stat foods.
    • Tyr's Blessing -
• Internet Cafe1 -
• Internet Cafe2 -
• Internet Cafe3 -
• Internet Cafe4 -
• Luxurious Western Food -
• Manchu-Han Imperial Feast -
[/list][*]Part 11

  • [*]Fix some item behaviors based on Official Servers.
    • Str_Dish10 (Healing percent)
    • Citron
    • Meat Skewer
    • Mre_B
    • Mre_C
    • Spray Of Flowers
    • Strawberry Cake
    • Pineapple Juice
    • Spicy Sandwich
    • Grilled Corn
    [*]Implemented the follow SC:
Part 12

  • [*]Fix some item behavior based on Official Servers.
    • Lucky Rice Cake
    • Charm Of Luck
    • Charm Of Happiness
    • Rune Kn Test Int
    • Takoyaki
    • Evasion Scroll
    • Concentration Scroll
Part 13

  • [*]Added new official cash shop usable items and it's boxes:
    • STR Biscuit Stick -
• VIT Biscuit Stick -
• AGI Biscuit Stick -
• INT Biscuit Stick -
• DEX Biscuit Stick -
• LUK Biscuit Stick -
• STR Biscuit Stick Box -
• VIT Biscuit Stick Box -
• AGI Biscuit Stick Box -
• INT Biscuit Stick Box -
• DEX Biscuit Stick Box -
• LUK Biscuit Stick Box -
[/list][*]Part 14

  • [*]Added new official item status effect, 'SC_CUP_OF_BOZA'.
    - Follow up
- Follow up ce33936.
- Follow up d8909d9.
- Follow up f65e032.
- Some white spaces adjustments.


November Statistics

  • [*]During the period there were
82 Commits.
[*]Of these 82 commits, 5 included bug-fixes.
[*]7 Commits from Pull Requests.

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