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August & September Digest 2015

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August & September Digest 2015

The following digest covers the month of August 1st - August 31st 2015 and September 1st - September 30th 2015.


August Digest
Team Changes

  • [*]None


Development Highlights

  • [*]
Hotkey Rotate Packet Implemented
[*]Fixes Unidentified items bug in client >= 20150226
[*]npctalk support extra npc name parameter
[*]Fix server crash with some ground skills or traps
[*]Fixed a qiget/qicheck crash in queue iterators
[*]Switched to the new, faster, travis build environment
[*]New EquipPackets Support
[*]Removed some unnecessary shared symbols, already present in interfaces
[*]Added core HPM interface
[*]Enabled HPMDataCheck for login and char servers
[*]Added showmsg HPM interface
[*]Improved plugin compile flag detection by the configuration script
[*]Added script_mapquit plugin (moved from the StaffPlugins repository)
[*]Automatically run ./config.status --recheck when necessary
[*]Added check for execinfo.h/backtrace() to the configure script
[*]Fix weapon field size in char_mmo_char_tobuf
[*]Add n parameter to function pc_equipitem_pos
[*]Subnet.conf overhaul
[*]Corrected search order in itemdb_searchname
[*]Fixed an issue caused by duel-song interaction
[*]Removed script command checkre
[*]Fixed a itemdb.c loading error


Script Highlights

  • [*]
Corrected a warp destination typo in The Sign quest
[*]Fixed a typo in Eden Quest


August Statistics

  • [*]During the period there were 80 
[*]Of these 80 commits, 5 included bug-fixes.
[*]18 Commits from Pull Requests.



September Digest
Team Changes

  • [*]None


Development Highlights

  • [*]
Added pre-re/re support to the pet db
[*]Fixed merge behaviour of map zones
[*]Added Configuration in enabling/disabling monster hp bar on new clients
[*]Autotrade Struct to HPM
[*]Added several checks into chriff.c, cliff.c, duel.cchat.c, channel.c, buyingstore.c, battleground.c, battle.c, atcommand.c
[*]Added RE/Pre-RE start_point ability


Scripting Highlights

  • [*]
Episode 14.2 Criatura Academy Release
[*]Moved novice_skills quests to pre-re
[*]Fixed a bug in Lv4 Weapon Quest dialog
[*]Fix in academy.txt
[*]Fix incorrect condition checks in attaching map of Sealed Shrine


Database Highlights

  • [*]
Fixed const name of Academy Hat in Academy script


September Statistics

  • [*]During the period there were
94 Commits.
[*]Of these 94 commits, 3 included bug-fixes.
[*]19 Commits from Pull Requests.

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