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January 13th 2016 - Maintenance

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Common Patch:

  • Christmas Event ends, thus its related items are deleted.
  • [Pirate Skeleting Hunting Quest] will be eliminated from the Navigation System.
  • Fixed a bug with Arch-Bishop's ability [Clearance] where it didn't remove [Hallucination] nor [Stone Curse].
  • Fixed descriptions for the following [Sepulchre of Victims] map: [Real Margaretha Solin Card], [Real Kathryne Keyron Card], [Real Cecil Damon Card], [Real Howard Alt-Eisen Card], [Real Seyren Windsor Card], [Real Randel Lawrence].

Main Servers:

  • The following weapons are added to the [Malangdo Enchantment] list: [Magic Yellow Setaria Viridis Staff], [Elaborate Yellow Setaria Viridis Model].
  • Doram's skill [Tuna Belly] can be cast on itself on PvP maps.
  • Increased the chance to get the necessary item for the [Magic Tracel] quest from [Paradise Group] in Payon.
  • Card Exchange Event ends.

Sakray Server:

  • [Styling Interface System] is added.
  • New icons are added to indicate each NPC role.
  • Added [Kunai Storing Scrolls].
  • [Invocation Master] from the Ninja Guild can be found in Prontera.
  • Fixed a bug with [Old Helm] in the [Sepulchre of Victims] map where it did not allow some enchantments to be applied using the [Fragment Vicious Wind] item: [Attack], [Magic], [Critical], [Ranged] (bows), [Vitality] and [Affection].
  • The symbol '#' can now be added to party names.
  • [Loving Touch] skill is modified. If the caster's available HP is lower than 15%, the skill fails.
  • [Undying Love] skill is modified. If the caster's available SP is lower than 15%, the skill fails. Previous requirements for both skills was 10% HP/SP respectively.

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