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January 20th 2016 - Maintenance

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Common Patch:

  • To obtain the [Red Key] inside [Thanatos Tower], you'll need a Lv.3 weapon instead of a Lv.4 weapon.
  • Corrected some errors with the [Guide NPC] inside the Acolyte Guild in [Prontera Church].
  • Fixed an error with Malangdo Quest [Help Chef Nyas] where it wasn't showing as a dialy quest.
  • Added sound effects to [Doram]'s skills.
  • Modified some skill descriptions:
    • [Expiatio]
    • Before: Damage is boosted by the Holy Power, making physical melee damage ignore part of the Hard DEF.
    • After: The Holy Power makes your body stronger, increasing physical melee damage by ignoring part of the enemies' Hard DEF.
    • [Invisibility]
    • Before: While being affected by this skill, some detecting skills will not reveal the user
    • After: While being affected by this skill, some detecting skills will not reveal the user. If those detecting skills deal damage, this status will also ignore the damage.

Main Servers:

  • [Support Package Plus Box] sale ends.
  • [Poring Scroll] event ends.
  • Added [Kunai Storing Scrolls].
  • [Invocation Master] from the Ninja Guild can be found in Prontera.
  • Fixed a bug with [Old Helm] in the [Sepulchre of Victims] map where it did not allow some enchantments to be applied using the [Fragment Vicious Wind] item: [Attack], [Magic], [Critical], [Ranged] (bows), [Vitality] and [Affection].
  • [Doram] job skill balancing. A skill tree reset will be made available to all [Doram] characters.
  • The symbol '#' can now be added to party names.
  • [Loving Touch] skill is modified. If the caster's available HP is lower than 15%, the skill fails.
  • [Undying Love] skill is modified. If the caster's available SP is lower than 15%, the skill fails. Previous requirements for both skills was 10% HP/SP respectively.

Sakray Server:

  • Fixed a bug with [Ninja] skill [Haze Slasher]. When using the skill and going into [Hiding], the status icon was not being displayed.
  • Fixed monsters summoned from [Dead Branch]. Unmovable monsters summoned by this item will not gain the ability to move anymore.
  • Added a challenge for baby jobs in the Achievements System called [I really love it!], which consists of reaching Achievement Lv.99.
  • Fixed certain keyboard shortcuts not working.


Id: (2053)
엑스피아티오 ( EXPIATIO / 속죄 )
MAX Lv : 5 
습득조건 : 오라티오 5 듀플레 라이트 5 
계열 : 보조
내용 : 시전자 및 대상 1 체의 무기에 신성력을 부여하여 근접 물리공격을 할 때 대상의 방어력을 일정 부분 무시한다. 
[Level 1] : 방어 무시 5% / 지속시간 150 초  
[Level 2] : 방어 무시 10% / 지속시간 180 초  
[Level 3] : 방어 무시 15% / 지속시간 210 초  
[Level 4] : 방어 무시 20% / 지속시간 240 초  
[Level 5] : 방어 무시 25% / 지속시간 270 초  
Id: (2290)
인비지빌리티 (투명화)
MAX Lv : 5
습득조건 : 오토 섀도우 스펠 7 / 데들리 인펙트 5 / 마스커레이드 : 언럭키 3 
계열 : 액티브 / 버프 
내용 : 일시적으로 자신의 모습을 완전히 감출 수 있다. 모습이 보이지 않는 상태에서 공격이 가능하나, 공격 속성이 염속성 1 레벨이 된다. 이 효과 중에는 계속 SP 가 감소되며, 스킬과 아이템을 사용할 수 없게 된다. SP가 0 이 되면 자동으로 해제된다. 일부의 디텍팅 스킬에 해제되지 않으며, 해당 디텍팅 스킬에 의해 데미지 입지 않는다. 
[Level 1] : 크리티컬 +20% / 공속감소 40% / 초당 소모SP 10% 
[Level 2] : 크리티컬 +40% / 공속감소 30% / 초당 소모SP 8%  
[Level 3] : 크리티컬 +60% / 공속감소 20% / 초당 소모SP 6%  
[Level 4] : 크리티컬 +80% / 공속감소 10% / 초당 소모SP 4%  
[Level 5] : 크리티컬 +100% / 공속감소 없음 / 초당 소모SP 2%



  • data\book\7144.txt
  • data\luafiles514\lua files\skillinfoz\skilldescript.lub
  • data\questid2display.txt
  • data\wav\effect\su_brunchofshrimp.wav
  • data\wav\effect\su_cn_powdering.wav
  • data\wav\effect\su_pickypeck.wav
  • data\wav\effect\su_roottwist.wav
  • data\wav\effect\su_scaroftarou.wav
  • data\wav\effect\su_scratch.wav
  • data\wav\effect\su_stemspear.wav
  • data\wav\effect\su_tunabelly.wav
  • RagexeRE.exe
  • System\itemInfo_Sak.lub

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