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January 27th 2016 - Maintenance

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Common Patch:

  • The description of [Heroic Nepenthes Shoes] will be corrected:
    • Before: Variable Cast Time reduced by 10%.
    • After: When refined to +8, Variable Cast Time reduced by 5%. Each additional refine will further reduce it by 1%. When refined to +11, additional Variable Cast Time reduction by 3%. Each additional refine will further reduce it by 3% up to +13.
  • The description of [Paralyze] will be corrected:
    • Before: For 300 seconds, reduce ASPD by 10%, reduce Perfect Dodge by 10% and reduce movement speed by half.
    • After: For 300 seconds, reduce ASPD by 10%, reduce Perfect Dodge by 10% and greatly reduce movement speed.
  • Modified contents of [Special Gift Box] received from [Achievement System]
    • Before: 1 [Treasure Box], 1 [Lucky Egg], 1 [Guardian of Time Box]
    • After: 1 [Treasure Box], 1 [Lucky Egg], 5 [Not for Sale] Battle Manual & Bubble Gum, 5 [Not for Sale] Life Insurance

Main Servers:

  • The 5th [Jumping Event] starts. Ends on 3/2/2016.
  • Increased Experience and Drop Rate event, commemorating the [Jumping Event] starts. Increased rates by 30% until 3/2/2016.
  • [Styling System] interface is implemented.
  • An icon will be added to each NPC to show its role.
  • Fixed a bug with [Ninja] skill [Haze Slasher]. When using the skill and going into [Hiding], the status icon was not being displayed.
  • Item requirements change for the [Magic Tracel] quest from [Paradise Group]. Before: Skirt of Virgin. After: Girl Handkerchief.
  • Fixed an error with daily [Paradise Group] quests, correcting the reuse delay in [Geffen] and [Alberta] quests.
  • Fixed an error with the item image of [Pike].
  • Fixed an error in the first floor of the [Guild Dungeons] where event monsters were not spawning.
  • Fixed the hat position of [Worg in Mouth].
  • Fixed an error where some effects were not showing correctly when the character is moving.
  • Added a challenge for baby jobs in the Achievements System called [I really love it!], which consists of reaching Achievement Lv.99.
  • [Chinese Zodiac] event updated.
  • Fixed an error when using the TAB key to position the cursor inside the Username input box. Some keyboard shortcuts stopped working after that.
  • Fixed some [Doram] accessories which were allowed to be refined.
  • The following items will be deleted: [Level Up Box], [Level Up Box(80)], [Level Up Box(100)], [Level Up Box(120)], [Level Up Box(130)], [Level Up Box(140)], [Level Up Box(150)], [Level Up Box(160)].

Sakray Server:

  • Fixed the quests item requirements for the Alberta [Novice Quest] inside the first floor of [Sunken Ship].
  • Royal Guard skill [Earth Drive] fixed. This skill was not clearing the [Extreme Vacuum] effects.


New map added: sch_lab


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