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Group: Limited Members

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There is a new change coming to the forums: Limited Members. This new group has been setup just recently to put some new things into perspective. New members joining the forums will not be placed in this group, only currently joined members could potentially be moved to this group. As the name states (i.e. limited) this group has limitations placed throughout the forum. 


How does it work?

Well, being moved to this group is based on your activity in the boards. Depending on how long you are inactive in the boards, you will be moved to this group automatically. Being an inactive member of the boards for a time period of 3 months will get you moved to this limited members group. This means:

  • Not logging in for 3 months
  • Not posting a minimal of 5 posts/topics within the time period of 3 months


How do I move back to the Members group?

If you login one day and noticed you are in the Limited Members group, there are several ways you can be automatically moved to the regular Members group. Such as generating a minimal of 20 user-generated content:

  • Topics
  • Polls
  • Posts
  • Approved Uploads


Please keep in mind that if these user-generated contents are spam-like in nature, our Kafra System will keep you back inside the limited members group until your content is not spam-like in nature. 


Limitations of the Group

  • Member Profile
    • Not able to change display names
  • Signatures
    • Limited to 1 image, 1 link, and 3 lines of text
  • Posting Limits
    • Only allowed to create 5 posts / topics / polls a day
      • Limitation removed after 10 posts / topics / polls
  • Download Restrictions
    • You are not allowed to download anything


This is in place to prevent leeching of any sort and strive on a communal community. :D  Please keep in mind that our Kafra System will place inactive members in the Limited Members group later this week.

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I just want to say... I love how much effort you put in to try and reduce the amount of leeching of the forums and promote activity! Lav it!

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It's nothing big. I just like to emphasize on the community aspect and I think there should be some sort of restrictions.

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