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Name and source changes [2016 April Fool]

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Hello folks,




Glad I could catch you. I have an announcement to make, that I'm sure you will find most satisfactory.


From hence here forth, Hercules will be renamed to JmanAthena. This is to reflect my superiority over the Ragnarok Online Emulator scene. A commit will go through shortly that will reflect the change to the emulator.


The source code will also change thusly:


* The GNU GPL license will be removed and replaced with "GNUJman version 1". This license is basically "All your base are belong to me".
* The 'src' folder will immedately be renamed to 'jman'. Yes, this will probably break a lot of stuff, but it'll be up to you as users to deal with it.

* We will immediately be removing support for the /db/ folder as it stands now. Instead, all of the databases will be hosted on JmanAthena's servers.

Furthermore, the following staff changes will be effective immediately:


* Ind's account will be deleted. All contributions of his to the emulator either via the forum or source will be permanently deleted.

* I am promoting this guy: to be JmanAthena's new development manager. Yes, no commits to the git repository and no forum posts, but I believe he has what it takes to do the job.

* The moderator's abilities as moderators will be eliminated. Instead, all moderator actions must go through myself or the new Development Manager

* Haru and Mystery will keep their titles but as the regular moderators, their actions must go through me. Their existence as administrators will be pretty much eliminated.


Furthermore, the server hosting JmanAthena will be hosted on a 192kbit connection out of my house. But don't worry, my internet is as stable as the communications between the Philae lander and Earth.


Welcome to the future! Welcome to the best RO Emulator money can buy (oh yeah, forgot to mention, to get access you must pay $9.99/mo plus shipping and handling of $39.99 in order to use JmanAthena). Welcome to JmanAthena!


(Note: Some of this post might be exaggerated for humor and entertainment value. Results may differ.)

Note: Special thanks to hemagx for the logo. :)


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