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iRO changelog November 02, 2017

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Id: (17860)
Costume Box: Spooptacular
Class: Item Giver
Weight: 0
When opened, gives one of the following:

Costume Bapho Jr. Horns
Costume Niflheim Bunny Hat
Costume Sky of Memory Hat
Costume Blue Wizard's Hat
Costume Vampire Familiar
Costume Bat Wing Stole
Costume Bloody Bandages
Costume Tall Ghostring Hat
Costume Assassin's Skull Mask
Costume Hoplite Helmet
Id: (23516)
November Costume Box Ani Maul
Class: Item Giver
Weight: 1
When opened gives one of the following
Costume Wonderful Beast Ears
Costume Wolf Masquerade
Costume White Cat Ears Hat
Costume Squirrel Ear Hat
Costume Jaguar Mask
Costume Isabella Red Ears
Costume Hopping Rabbit
Costume Hippo Hat
Costume Cat's Mouth
Id: (31158)
Costume Squirrel Ear Hat
A cute hat with pointy squirrel ears. You will feel like a cute squirrel once you wear it.
Class: Costume
Position: Upper
Weight: 0
Required Level: 1
Required Jobs: All Jobs
Id: (31179)
Costume Wolf Masquerade
A mask shaped like a noble wolf.
Class: Costume
Position: Upper
Weight: 0
Required Level: 1
Required Jobs: All Jobs
Id: (31246)
Costume Humming Bird
A bird with the power to reflect magic spells. Sometimes the bird fails to cast the correct spells.
Class: Costume
Position: Upper
Weight: 0
Required Level: 1
Required Jobs: All Jobs
Id: (31247)
Costume Hippo Hat
A creature which spend most of it's day under water. If you dive in to the water wearing this hat, they might mistake you for a real hippo!
Class: Costume
Position: Upper
Weight: 0
Required Level: 1
Required Jobs: All Jobs
Id: (31248)
Costume Isabella Red Ears
The red hat of Isabella which is really popular among small children.
Class: Costume
Position: Upper
Weight: 0
Required Level: 1
Required Jobs: All Jobs
Id: (31249)
Costume Hopping Rabbit
A cute hat with long ears hanging off it!
Class: Costume
Position: Upper
Weight: 0
Required Level: 1
Required Jobs: All Jobs
Id: (31250)
Costume Wonderful Beast Ears
The fluffy ears of an unidentified beast that are constantly shifting.
Class: Costume
Position: Middle
Weight: 0
Required Level: 1
Required Jobs: All Jobs
Id: (31251)
Costume Cat's Mouth
A wonderful accessory which imitates the nose and mouth of a cat.
Class: Costume
Position: Lower
Weight: 0
Required Level: 1
Required Jobs: All Jobs
Id: (31252)
Costume White Cat Ears Hat
A hat with attached white cat ears. If you want to wear a hat and cat ears, this is the perfect design for you.
Class: Costume
Position: Upper
Weight: 0
Required Level: 1
Required Jobs: All Jobs
Id: (31256)
Costume Jaguar Mask
The mask of a jaguar. Some say you will be blessed by nature once you wear it.
Class: Costume
Position: Middle, Lower
Weight: 0
Required Level: 1
Required Jobs: All Jobs



  • system\iteminfo.lub


  • data\LuaFiles514\Lua Files\Datainfo\accessoryid.lub
  • data\LuaFiles514\Lua Files\Datainfo\accname.lub
  • data\sprite\아이템\Cat_Ear_Hat_White.act
  • data\sprite\아이템\Cat_Ear_Hat_White.spr
  • data\sprite\아이템\Cat_Mouth.act
  • data\sprite\아이템\Cat_Mouth.spr
  • data\sprite\아이템\Rabbit_Hopping.act
  • data\sprite\아이템\Rabbit_Hopping.spr
  • data\sprite\아이템\Wonderful_Beast_Ear.act
  • data\sprite\아이템\Wonderful_Beast_Ear.spr
  • data\sprite\아이템\고양이입.act
  • data\sprite\아이템\고양이입.spr
  • data\sprite\아이템\노래하는새.act
  • data\sprite\아이템\노래하는새.spr
  • data\sprite\아이템\다람쥐귀모자.act
  • data\sprite\아이템\다람쥐귀모자.spr
  • data\sprite\아이템\매드바니스크롤.act
  • data\sprite\아이템\매드바니스크롤.spr
  • data\sprite\아이템\물먹는하마모자.act
  • data\sprite\아이템\물먹는하마모자.spr
  • data\sprite\아이템\신비한동물귀.act
  • data\sprite\아이템\신비한동물귀.spr
  • data\sprite\아이템\울프마스커레이드.act
  • data\sprite\아이템\울프마스커레이드.spr
  • data\sprite\아이템\이사벨라레드귀모자.act
  • data\sprite\아이템\이사벨라레드귀모자.spr
  • data\sprite\아이템\재규어모자.act
  • data\sprite\아이템\재규어모자.spr
  • data\sprite\아이템\토끼뿅모자.act
  • data\sprite\아이템\토끼뿅모자.spr
  • data\sprite\아이템\하얀고양이귀모자.act
  • data\sprite\아이템\하얀고양이귀모자.spr
  • data\sprite\악세사리\남\남_Cat_Ear_Hat_White.act
  • data\sprite\악세사리\남\남_Cat_Ear_Hat_White.Spr
  • data\sprite\악세사리\남\남_Cat_Mouth.act
  • data\sprite\악세사리\남\남_Cat_Mouth.Spr
  • data\sprite\악세사리\남\남_Rabbit_Hopping.act
  • data\sprite\악세사리\남\남_Rabbit_Hopping.Spr
  • data\sprite\악세사리\남\남_Wonderful_Beast_Ear.act
  • data\sprite\악세사리\남\남_Wonderful_Beast_Ear.Spr
  • data\sprite\악세사리\남\남_고양이입.act
  • data\sprite\악세사리\남\남_고양이입.Spr
  • data\sprite\악세사리\남\남_노래하는새.act
  • data\sprite\악세사리\남\남_노래하는새.Spr
  • data\sprite\악세사리\남\남_다람쥐귀모자.act
  • data\sprite\악세사리\남\남_다람쥐귀모자.spr
  • data\sprite\악세사리\남\남_물먹는하마모자.act
  • data\sprite\악세사리\남\남_물먹는하마모자.spr
  • data\sprite\악세사리\남\남_신비한동물귀.act
  • data\sprite\악세사리\남\남_신비한동물귀.spr
  • data\sprite\악세사리\남\남_울프마스커레이드.act
  • data\sprite\악세사리\남\남_울프마스커레이드.Spr
  • data\sprite\악세사리\남\남_이사벨라레드귀모자.act
  • data\sprite\악세사리\남\남_이사벨라레드귀모자.spr
  • data\sprite\악세사리\남\남_재규어모자.act
  • data\sprite\악세사리\남\남_재규어모자.spr
  • data\sprite\악세사리\남\남_토끼뿅모자.act
  • data\sprite\악세사리\남\남_토끼뿅모자.spr
  • data\sprite\악세사리\남\남_하얀고양이귀모자.act
  • data\sprite\악세사리\남\남_하얀고양이귀모자.Spr
  • data\sprite\악세사리\여\여_Cat_Ear_Hat_White.act
  • data\sprite\악세사리\여\여_Cat_Ear_Hat_White.Spr
  • data\sprite\악세사리\여\여_Cat_Mouth.act
  • data\sprite\악세사리\여\여_Cat_Mouth.Spr
  • data\sprite\악세사리\여\여_Rabbit_Hopping.act
  • data\sprite\악세사리\여\여_Rabbit_Hopping.Spr
  • data\sprite\악세사리\여\여_Wonderful_Beast_Ear.act
  • data\sprite\악세사리\여\여_Wonderful_Beast_Ear.Spr
  • data\sprite\악세사리\여\여_고양이입.act
  • data\sprite\악세사리\여\여_고양이입.Spr
  • data\sprite\악세사리\여\여_노래하는새.act
  • data\sprite\악세사리\여\여_노래하는새.Spr
  • data\sprite\악세사리\여\여_다람쥐귀모자.act
  • data\sprite\악세사리\여\여_다람쥐귀모자.spr
  • data\sprite\악세사리\여\여_물먹는하마모자.act
  • data\sprite\악세사리\여\여_물먹는하마모자.spr
  • data\sprite\악세사리\여\여_신비한동물귀.act
  • data\sprite\악세사리\여\여_신비한동물귀.spr
  • data\sprite\악세사리\여\여_울프마스커레이드.act
  • data\sprite\악세사리\여\여_울프마스커레이드.Spr
  • data\sprite\악세사리\여\여_이사벨라레드귀모자.act
  • data\sprite\악세사리\여\여_이사벨라레드귀모자.Spr
  • data\sprite\악세사리\여\여_재규어모자.act
  • data\sprite\악세사리\여\여_재규어모자.spr
  • data\sprite\악세사리\여\여_토끼뿅모자.act
  • data\sprite\악세사리\여\여_토끼뿅모자.spr
  • data\sprite\악세사리\여\여_하얀고양이귀모자.act
  • data\sprite\악세사리\여\여_하얀고양이귀모자.Spr
  • data\texture\유저인터페이스\collection\Cat_Ear_Hat_White.bmp
  • data\texture\유저인터페이스\collection\Cat_Mouth.bmp
  • data\texture\유저인터페이스\collection\Rabbit_Hopping.bmp
  • data\texture\유저인터페이스\collection\Thumbs.db
  • data\texture\유저인터페이스\collection\Wonderful_Beast_Ear.bmp
  • data\texture\유저인터페이스\collection\노래하는새.bmp
  • data\texture\유저인터페이스\collection\다람쥐귀모자.bmp
  • data\texture\유저인터페이스\collection\매드바니스크롤.bmp
  • data\texture\유저인터페이스\collection\물먹는하마모자.bmp
  • data\texture\유저인터페이스\collection\울프마스커레이드.bmp
  • data\texture\유저인터페이스\collection\이사벨라레드귀모자.bmp
  • data\texture\유저인터페이스\collection\재규어모자.bmp
  • data\texture\유저인터페이스\item\Cat_Ear_Hat_White.bmp
  • data\texture\유저인터페이스\item\Cat_Mouth.bmp
  • data\texture\유저인터페이스\item\Rabbit_Hopping.bmp
  • data\texture\유저인터페이스\item\Thumbs.db
  • data\texture\유저인터페이스\item\Wonderful_Beast_Ear.bmp
  • data\texture\유저인터페이스\item\고양이입.bmp
  • data\texture\유저인터페이스\item\노래하는새.bmp
  • data\texture\유저인터페이스\item\다람쥐귀모자.bmp
  • data\texture\유저인터페이스\item\매드바니스크롤.bmp
  • data\texture\유저인터페이스\item\물먹는하마모자.bmp
  • data\texture\유저인터페이스\item\신비한동물귀.bmp
  • data\texture\유저인터페이스\item\울프마스커레이드.bmp
  • data\texture\유저인터페이스\item\이사벨라레드귀모자.bmp
  • data\texture\유저인터페이스\item\재규어모자.bmp
  • data\texture\유저인터페이스\item\토끼뿅모자.bmp
  • data\texture\유저인터페이스\item\하얀고양이귀모자.bmp


  • Ragexe.exe


  • data\descpatchplaceholder.txt
  • data\descpatchplaceholder.txt
  • data\Thumbs.db
  • data\Thumbs.db

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