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[ ROZ ] 2018년 3월 업데이트 내용 공개

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    • By Kafra
      1. Update Schedule
      Currently, Ragnarok Online: Many teams related to ZERO are working hard to stabilize the service.
      Our first goal is to provide you with a stable service and we will be ready to update soon.
      The large-scale update scheduled for this date is scheduled to be held on January 31st.
      2. Secondary occupation group
      Depending on the update of the secondary career group, the balance of some skills in the secondary career group will be revised.
      The contents are as follows.
      1) 2-1 career group
      Change skill
      Two-Handed Quicken
      Increased attack speed (10% delay after attack) effect added.
      Black Smith
      Adrenaline rush
      Increased attack speed (10% delay after attack) effect added.
      Over Trust
      Eliminate weapon destruction, increase party members' effect.
      Weapon production
      Gives random options to the 3-level weapons being produced.
      Number of random options based on ranking (up to 5 types)
      Meteor Storm
      Casting Modification (fixed casting rate modification)
      Storm Gast
      Decreases casting, increases skill cooldown.
      Lord of Vermilion
      Decreased casting.
      Removes the limit of the number of times, the entire party buffed within range.
      Impositio Manus
      Increased damage to equipment, increased magic attack power, added 
      buffs within the range of party members.
      Magnus exorcismus
      Decreased casting.
      Blitz bit
      Eliminate the effect of dispersing the damage of Otto Blitz bits.
      Fix casting.
      Blast Mine
      Fix casting.
      Cremor Trap
      Edit Cast
      2) 2-2th Occupation Group
      Change skill
      Spear Quicken
      Increased attack speed (10% delay after attack) effect added.
      Grand Cross
      Removes feedback damage (keep HP 20% reduction penalty), casting fix.
      Increased Weapon Destruction Probability.
      Acid Terror
      Increased armor damage probability.
      Earth spike
      Increased damage.
      Heaven's Drive
      Decreased casting.
      Knuckle size penalty change
      Small: 100% / Medium: 100% / Large: 75%
      Changing the performance sequence
      Changed to a buff that is given once to party members within the range.
      Musical strike
      Cast modification, increased damage.
      Change of dance series
      Changed to a buff that is given once to party members within the range.
      Throwing arrows
      Cast modification, increased damage.
      Bard & Dancer
      Change of series
      Changed to a buff that is given once to party members within the range.
      3. Skill [Steel] Improvement
      There are no random options for equipment currently stolen from the thieves of [Steel].
      In the future, the equipment with the random option is being improved to steal it with [steel].
      4. New areas
      At the same time as the second job class update, three new dungeons are opened, and some of the dungeons are made up of the Fieber area.
      1) Turtle Island Dungeon
      Turtle Island Dungeon, consisting of 1 field and 3 layers, total 4 maps, is a dungeon specialized for insect and animal monsters.
      You can take a boat from Alberta.
      2) Clock Tower Dungeon
      Clock Tower in the center of Aldebaran Dungeon is a dungeon specialized in intangible monsters.
      3) The Glast Haem Dungeon
      The Glast Heim Dungeon, located to the west of Gepen, is a complex dungeon of various dungeons.
      There are various types of monsters such as demon, immortal, and insect type.
      5. Direction of New Fever Area
      In the old Fiver area, there are two benefits of acquiring equipment and acquiring experience.
      The experience points are prepared for level up for the second former, and for the newly added fiver area after the second previous update
      We will focus on equipment acquisition rather than experience.
      6. Update of new MD 3 species and MD equipment
      Three levels of 70 new levels, 80 levels, and 99 levels will be updated with 99 new levels.
      New dungeon updates will also update the new equipment, which will bring the jelly stone and other materials
      It will be possible to acquire by upgrading through.
      7. Change the condition of equal distribution of items
      During party play, the criteria for equitable distribution of items will change.
      In the past, the party members who obtained the items were randomly distributed among the party members within the 11X11 cell range.
      The new standard for this criterion is that when a party member within the range of 31X31 cells around the party chapter acquires an item
      Items are randomly distributed to one of the party members located within the party's 31X31 cell,
      The person who acquires the item directly will acquire it.
      8. Change the weight limit value of some manufacturing skills
      In contrast to the weight penalty applied from 70% of current holdings, [making arrow] and [picking stone]
      I am going to change the numerical value so that it can not be used from the 70% possession of that skill.
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