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March 9th 2016 - Maintenance

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Common Patch:

  • Fixed Episode 16.1 dialy quests. They were not giving EXP upon completion.
  • Fixed some dialog text errors regarding [Glast Heim] dialy quests.
  • Fixed [Wigner Family] and [Resensburg Family] quests from Episode 16.1. Under certain circumstances the quests could be immediately started over upon completion.

Main Servers:

  • Episode 16.2: Terra Gloria is added.
    • A great variety of histories and a great experience awaits in this secret adventure, sent by the Royal Family itself.
    • When finishing [New King's Blessing] quest from Episode 16.1, the player can access Episode 16.2 content.
  • Fixed some skill durations from the [Sage] magic skill tree.
  • New enchantable costumes added to Malangdo Costume Enchant NPC: Costume: Republic Hat, Republic Hat.
  • Fixed an error when the Shadow effect was not being applied when using cloth dyes.

Sakray Server:

  • Modified [Dead Branch] and [Bloody Branch] behavior so that unmovable monsters maintain their defense properties.
  • Fixed [Biochemist] skill [Acid Demonstration] where under certain circumstances the skill would deal elemental damage, ignoring the skill's condition to force final damage to [Neutral] property.

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