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March 16th 2016 - Maintenance

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Immortal Cursed Knight Card


Has a chance to autocast Ignition Break lv.5 when dealing physical attack.
Compounded on : Weapon
Prefix : Volcanic

Immortal Wind Ghost Card


Has a chance to autocast Killing Cloud lv.5 when dealing magical attack.
Compounded on : Weapon
Prefix : Deadly

Stephane Jack Earnest Wolf Card


Has a chance to gains Flee + 200 for 10 seconds when dealing physical attack.
Has a chance to increases movement speed or 10 seconds when dealing magical attack.
Has a chance to autocast Fire Walk lv.5 when receiving physical damage.
Has a chance to autocast Electric Walk lv.5 when receiving magical damage.
When equipped with Immortal Cursed Knight Card, ASPD + 1.
When equipped with Immortal Wind Ghost Card, reduce variable casting time by 10%.
Compounded on : Shoes
Prefix : Auto Magic

Common Patch:

  • Modified some skills of [White Lady] MvP spawn inside [Endless Tower]
    • Modified [Doram]'s [SV Root Twist] skill so that it can be used several times.
    • MvP's property changes from [Wind 2] to [Wind 3].
    • Fixed NPC_CALLSLAVE.
  • [White Lady] MvP spawn in [Louyang] can now cast [Wide Sleep].
  • [St. Valentine's] and [White Day] events end.
  • Fixed Episode 16.2 [Ellen's Quest] where the player could bypass the fight and complete the quest.
  • Fixed [Central Room] instance where once the portal is open, only the party leader could see it (other party members could not).
  • Reduced Episode 16.2 monsters skill damage.

Main Servers:

  • Fixed [Biochemist] skill [Acid Demonstration] where under certain circumstances the skill would deal elemental damage, ignoring the skill's condition to force final damage to [Neutral] property.
  • Added new Episode 16.2 enchantable items: Mercenary Ring Type B, Mercenary Ring Type A, Fictitious Robe, Consultative Robe.
  • [Unlimited Box V] sale ends.

Sakray Server:

  • Added boss monster cards from the [Air Fortress] instance: Immortal Cursed Knight Card, Stephane Jack Earnest Wolf Card, Immortal Wind Ghost Card.

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