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January 14th 2016 - iRO Maintenance

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Here's what's changing this week on Renewal and Classic! 


Renewal Maintenance

Leaving this week RWC Boxes leave the Kafra Shop
Winter Costume Box leaves the Kafra shop
Snowstorms are drifting away from Rune Midgards, leaving their towns snow free
VIP bonuses return to normal
Continuing this week Though the spotlight is leaving from Aldebaran and it's dungeons, Nightmare Clock tower will keep half of it's spawn increase permanently
New Gramps TI

Low: Injustice/Antique Firelock 

Mid: Alicel/Zombie Slaughter

High: Cenere/Ancient Book

Christmas delivery quest with Daily Quen reward will be staying for a while though we may change the daily rewards in the future
New this week New Year's Groove Pack 150kp
Spotlight change! We will be spotlighting the maps and dungeons of the New World which include Splendide Field, Bifrost Field, Manuk and El Dicastes Field as well as the Kamidal Tunnel/Scaraba Hall


Classic Maintenance

Leaving this week: Current spotlight leaves
The weather department has detected that the snowstorms that have plagued Rune Midgard will be passing this week
New for this week: By popular request Lighthalzen spotlight will arriving this week
Coming next week

God Items Creation Quest for WoE 1 god items will now reset kill quest counts if after 3 hours you have not completed them. The timer will be set for all characters when they receive the kill counts from the dwarf.

Bug Fixing Cursed helm effects disappeared, will be back this week
We weren't able to get 3D Glasses working yet, it appears to be hard coded that it display the chick hat instead of the proper item
First Quarter Projects: Changes to the WoE 1 God Item Creation Quest
Working Version of the PvP Arena that a certain player (I don't remember if he wanted to be named) has been working on.
Stage 1 (Lvls 1-40) of the Janeway Replacement Project.

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On 2016-10-11 at 2:18 PM, gangmusic said:

Renewal Maintenance ?

Yes their renewal server. 

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