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Update your Bookmarks!

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Hey everyone,


You probably have noticed that the url you use to go to ( does no longer work. Instead, you get redirected to (https) This is so that it benefits Midgard Community a bit more regarding internal connections. Since the forums is no longer a sub-domain, we also have the benefits of using SSL on the boards. 


We also made some different changes to our main site: When you go there, you will be greeted with a similar interface... but it's more streamlined with the forums. Anyways, please remember to update your settings if you have bookmarked us! The redirect from the old URL is permanent... but for safe keeping, it'd be best to just update!


Having Troubles

If you seem to be running into any problems due to the change of URLs, please remember to clear your cache and cookies. 


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This topic is now closed to further replies.