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Septober Digest 2014

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Septober Digest 2014


Hey everyone!
Once again, I'll be bringing out the Septober Digest! The Septober Digest of course contains both September and October Digests. I decided to do it differently this year and just have them separated so that it's a little bit clearer as to certain things that have happened in the two months.

October Digest 2014

The following digest covers the month of October 1st - October 31st 2014.

Team Changes

  • None


Development Highlights

  • Deprecated checkriding and setriding commands (c6f102e)
  • Deprecated checkdragon and setdragon commands (a852bdd)
  • Deprecated checkmadogear and setmadogear commands (b3aef69)
  • Marked command 'checkquest' as deprecated (3ad4a9d)
  • Removed use of 'checkquest' from scripts (re folder) (bba3e69)
  • Removed use of 'checkquest' from scripts (pre-re folder) (88929e7)
  • Removed use of 'checkquest' from scripts (common folder) (32169c3)
  • Removed use of 'menu' from official (non-custom) scripts (bf9e067)
  • Marked the petheal command as deprecated (8bb0078)
  • Removed undocumented setr command. It was never meant to be available (9f1944a)
  • Marked command jump_zero as deprecated (bcf7a77)
  • Added source support to mark script commands as deprecated (ce85609)
  • Added support for other libmysqlclient variants (e1e5bd33)
  • Improved bindatcmd handling (5928d78)
    • Parameters passed to bindatcmd-invoked labels are now properly space-delimited.
    • This is in order to support strings containing multiple spaces or containing a trailing space. Previously it was impossible to create a bindatcmd command that could accept a player name such as 'This name has two spaces' or 'Sir Trailingspace '.
    • Added documentation and usage examples, especially wrt space handling. See doc/script_commands.txt for details.
    • NOTE: Your custom atcommand labels may need edits, as we're no longer trimming multiple sequantial spaces or trailing spaces, in order to gain more flexibility. It is your care to do that.
  • Fixed guild instances from being broken when guild members change (e552575)
  • Increase of SQL password field size (7603ea17)
  • Some 'Life Changes' - Kisuka (4ac6739) (Recommits: fe9e666db1abafec8aa5c)
    • checkquest deprecated; Use questprogress instead for a more logical
    • quest log checking command.
    • getbrokencount command added to get amount of broken equipment.
    • setdragon and setmadogear deprecated; use setriding instead.
    • setriding now handles all combat mounts.
  • Pathfinding now works exactly as on the client (fc011576)
  • Rewrote the hard monster AI. Monsters will now behave a lot closer to official servers: (c813ffe)
    • Monsters will now attack immediately when they are chasing a target and it comes into attack range (bugreport:7370)
    • Monsters will now chase their target during their aDelay, but they still have to wait for aMotion to be able to move again (bugreport:9269)
    • Monsters will now rethink their chase in a configurable interval (see monster_chase_refresh in monster.conf), official value is once per cell, previously it was once per 3 cells
    • Monsters will now stop when they rethink their chase and their target is gone (player hides or target loot was picked), regardless of the monster_ai setting (note: if you want the old, stupid behavior, just increase monster_chase_refresh instead)


Scripting Highlights


Database Highlights

  • Update of atk2 of all mobs - match with official (dc566e)


October Statistics

  • During the period there were 74 Commits.
  • Of these 74commits, 21 included bug-fixes.
  • 4 Commits from Pull Requests 
  • In this month, there were 92,048 Additions and 86,716 Deletions.


September Digest 2014

The following digest covers the month of September 1st - September 30th 2014.

Team Changes
csnv has been awarded a High Council title for continuous contribution throughout Hercules.

Development Highlights

  • Replaced hardcoded values with constants for status_change_start's flag (b0006317)
  • Updated Xcode project to Xcode 6 (2f5af5b)
  • Improved some FIFOSD checks in char_parse (41e2a7)
  • Added *getguildmember script command (c84363d)


Scripting Highlights

  • Fix blackjack script by logging out to prevent zeny deletion (a686eea)
  • Updated hunting_missions.txt (4677ae7)


Database Highlights

  • Fixed some rental items in both PRE and RE (a276407)


September Statistics

  • During the period there were 72 Commits.
  • Of these 72 commits, 55 included bug-fixes.
  • 25 Commits from Pull Requests 
  • In this month, there were 15,367 Additions and 15,596 Deletions.

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