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[iRO] Episode: 15.1 Phantasmagorika + Charleston Crisis Instance

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iRO has released their new Episode: 15.1 - Phantasmgorika and their instance Charleston Crisis Instance. With this new episode, of course, brings new content such as items, maps, NPCs, and monsters.


Deep within the Schwartzwald Republic, archaeologists from the Rekenber Corporation have discovered a highly advanced lost civilization. Phantasmagorika is waiting for you to explore it!Episode-XV-Loading01.pngQuest-01a.pngQuest02a.pngQuest-02a.pngQuest03.pngQuest04.pngQuest-05.pngQuest-06.pngQuest-07.pngQuest-09.pngQuest-10.pngQuest-11.png








New 15.1 Monsters

Step Level 130 HP 55403 Def 101 Mdef 58
BaseEXP 3088 JobEXP 2392 Size Small Element Earth 1
Race Demon  


Kick and Kick
Kick and Kick Level 133 HP 68018 Def 98 Mdef 54
BaseEXP 3729 JobEXP 2032 Size Medium Element Neutral 2
Race Demon



Instance - Charleston Crisis Instance

In the until-recently abandoned Verus City, a robot has been waiting for an adventurer to help her get some missing parts...


New Items




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guys ajarin dong cara repack custome yang disini ke PS RO saya 

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