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22/10/2013 kRO Maintenance

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※ May contain interpretation errors!!
 ■ Inspection Time
- All Servers: 02:30 to 06:30 (Spain time)
Common Patch:
- Sarah card description has been added "Damage dealt by fixed-damage skills are also affected by this reduction".
Ziu note: For example, skills like [Magma Eruption] or [Gravitational Field] get reductions from this card.
- Giant monsters' HP on [Sarah and Fenrir] instance has been reduced.
- Only party leader can open reward treasures once you beat the final boss of [Faceworm Nest] instance.
Main Servers:
- Three Master Package-II item has started selling.
-> Lapse: from 23/10/2013 until 06/11/2013 maintenance.
-> Also, [Sealed Ifrit Scroll] item event has started.
- In PvP fights between users from the same clan, mercenaries/Homuculli/spirits (sorcerer) didn't attack players. This will be fixed.
Ziu note: Two new loading screens related to Halloween holidays have been added:

Translator notes: 
The translation may be inaccurate at some points but I tried my best.
Dates are in European format: day/month/year;
Times are in Spanish time zone (GMT+1 plus +1 DST correction, resulting in GMT+2).
Remember that [!] marked lines mean stronger possibility of inaccurate translation because I couldn't figure out an exact meaning for that. Also, text inside square brackets at the end of a sentences are just polite guesses I make from the patch.
I might make some mistakes retranslating and I'm sorry for these, but this is just a quick translation (better than GTranslate) just to make you aware of the changes on kRO!
Big thanks to Ziu for the time and skills it takes to translate kRO patches from Korean to Spanish!
Thanks to jaBote for giving up his precious time translating this!


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