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June 1st 2016 - Maintenance

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6월 1일(수) 전 서버 정기점검 안내 (완료)


Common Patches

- The event of the month will end.

 → Event Monster "beaten natives" will disappear from the field.

 → Event 2 species "Fluffy Clouds", "miraculous one claw" is deleted.

- Episode 16.1 Wig If you do not have the quest item "Poring scrubber" family quest

 The system is made possible to improve the reacquisition from.



Server Patches

- The simplification of the effect (/ mineffect) command set changes to be saved.

- During use doram skills "hidden" / doridori command is modified so as not to apply.

- Items obtained (sealed events or articles RO-SHOP) and phrases using megaphone modify their position to avoid to superimpose each other in the public chat.



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