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June 15th 2016 - Maintenance

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6월 15일(수) 전 서버 정기점검 안내 (시간안내)

Please keep in mind that this is a brief translation and may not be accurate due to interpretation.
Maintenance Time
- The Server: 09:30 to 14:30
- SakrayServer: 09:30 to 18:30
Common Patches
- The item "non-destructive" to the options described in the "Excel Leone Shoots" is added to the description. 
- A set of Komodo "Car chyuah NPC" will be some modifications. 
→ [Entry] Lac village, [mainstream] is changed so that all parts of the adventurers out there on the backpack. 
[Mainstream] → Cars chyuah of Lac village, [mainstream] backpacking adventurers. Sea wrath of God, ritpong room, the material singeup box 
This luxury items, including payments odds increase dramatically. 
- The event is in progress increased probability of acquiring the item Commodore "Car chyuah NPC". 
→ Time: 15th June 2016 After maintenance ~ periodic inspection before June 22 
→ What: Aga probability kachyu to pay the luxury items will increase significantly. 
(Probability increases during the event period will increase the probability of additional luxury items out twice.)
Main Server Patches 
- When doram to hide. This state-drop items, will be modified to learn is not possible. 
- When the baby aboard Ranger Wars him job information is a phenomenon that is expressed is modified to Ranger. 
- This phenomenon represented by abnormal sex Taekwon character in the guild window is modified. 
- 50% increase to server's EXP & DROP rate has ended.


Sakray Patches
- A phenomenon that some have to go to the top of the bottom of the helmet, the helmet stops will be modified. 
- The family doram the location of some pitching position is adjusted to fit when worn. 
- 5 adds a new evolution kyupet paper. 
→ evolution can kyupet list: "deuroppeuseu," "mastering" Isis, "goblins," yo-yo " 
- The possible use of the Memorial Dungeon is updated each weekend. 
→ Available Time: 23:59 to Sunday 23:59 Friday 
→ For more information, guidance will be updated during the server. 
- Skills "Desperado," a phenomenon that did not see the value in use, the Battle Damage message window will be modified.

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