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Ragnarok Monster Lore

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I found this idea on iRO's forums and I thought it'd be pretty neat to see some of our members do this too :). The Ragnarok Monster Lore is a fan made Encyclopaedia based on all the information gathered by database and player research. The Encyclopaedia is devoted to provide further information on the back story of the monster in Ragnarok. The article provided for the monster in Ragnarok can be either directly from Ragnarok Source / Original Story or Fan Fiction . This Encyclopaedia is gathered here by Mitten , but each of you has the possibility to take part - everybody is free to write , correct and enhance the articles. So come and join in! 

The Ragnarok Monster Lore is still new , so we are still compiling informations of monsters.

Type of Source:

Ragnarok Source ragnaroksource_zps73076a85.png [RS]
Source that are taken directly from Ragnarok with reference from the game

World Fact WorldFact_zps9f6b9748.png = [WF]
Based from Real World Source

Fan Fiction FanFiction_zpsbca79a89.png [FF]
As told by players from their own fiction

Instruction of Writing
Everyone is free to write about the back story for any monster they like. There are some rules and regulation to write about the monsters though.

  1. Please put a label on the topic as Ragnarok Source or World Fact or Fan Fiction.
  2. When writing a monster data base for Ragnarok Source make sure to provide the source and proof that are reliable. (screen shots , print screens , or links)
  3. When writing a monster data base for Fan Fiction please provide proper writing and avoid writing rubbish . If fan fiction is based from another web or author please respect their work and cite the source.
  4. When writing a monster data base for World Source please cite sources or references and statements from verifiable sources.
  5. Tittle should be followed in this form [RML] Monster Name

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This is just something if there are a lot of creative people who like to write and want to give it a whirl. 

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