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June 22nd 2016 - Maintenance

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6월 22일(수) 전 서버 정기점검 안내 (시간 안내)

Patch Notes

- This pet is being summoned phenomenon that is used as the material of "pet egg pick whip Box" is fix 
. - "Hey Dame Fellow 'the costume list, which exchanged Nyan Actinidia in Malang also will change 
 → Delete List (3 types): zip costume secret, costume sleeping Eclipse family and outfits indeed ears Yomi doll hat 
 new list → (4 species): costume cow demon wings, costume golden tone, costume dwarf bearded, costume Mad year from 
 → new costumes equipment item "costume Enchantment "can be replaced with stone box 10 
  ※" costume cow can be obtained wings of the devil "is only two weeks. 
- some phenomena that lower pitch is covered at the top, the stop pitching will be modified. 
- wear doram family the location of some pitches are in position fit is adjusted. 
- skill "Desperado" using Battle message window will modify the damage phenomenon levels did not appear in. 
- this server EXP & Drop rate increase event is terminated. 
- compensation cats NPC is It will be deleted.




Sakray Patch Notes

- In this PVP maps phenomena guild emblem on his character is that were abnormally displayed will be modified. 
"Howling Mandragora", "Cream's mark" skill is a phenomenon that did not initialize modified in some conditions 
- Monster skill "Howling Mandragora "," State Park Jin "this release applies to one character death phenomenon is corrected. 
- skill" Fire lane "cast on" manhole "skill will modify the symptoms were not removed properly. 
" meow Grass "skill of ribelrion will be modified to remove the "Fire lane" 
- "Nyan glass" effect is the phenomenon of skills that are implied to be modified allies. 
"meow Grass" option of reducing defense skill will modify the symptoms were not properly applied.



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