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    Rune Knight Costume Released


    jRO has released their new Rune Knight Costume (however I can't find it in their patches atm). Once I find the sprite, I will upload it here. If you forgot what the new sprite looks like, well, here's an image!




    On 12/29/2017 at 8:11 PM, Forg said:

    Hi Admin,


    Do you have the latest Full kRO Client including this new Rune Knight outfit? Thanks...

    Keep this linked bookmarked 


    It will be updated periodically. As for the RuneKnight costume, I'm trying to get it from jRO and when I do, I will upload it.

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    Many thanks man.. by the way i tried to download the Full kRO Client 12-12-2017, but it failed so i cancelled it. And when i tried to download it again it said that i need to finish my first download before i could download a second time. But as i mentioned my first try failed so i cancel it. I hope the file could support resume download or is there a torrent? But i guess ill just have to wait for your next upload of Full kRO Client (with updated Rune Knight costume). Many many thanks again.

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    It failed midway because the internet was disconnected/interrupted, it failed so i tried to download it again. But the message prompt me that i need to finish my first download (who knows when) before i could download again. Maybe the link or database still recognize me as downloading even if not. Thanks for the update.

    I think its best for me to wait for your upload with the jro rune knight before i download again.

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